Ellen DeGeneres’ Talk Show Drama: Everything to Know

Pat Gray Unleashed


We're. About to cancel. Ellen. She might cancel ourself I you might recognize. Allen. As part of the LGBTQ I eight, two plus community. Also very beloved. Until. Until what happened last fall when she had the unmitigated gall to sit next to George? W Bush had a cowboys football game in Dallas Texas at unforgivable. Well, then we had to go after her and we had got her with everything we got and so that's what they're doing right now and that's what they're doing now could she be mean? To I guess it's possible. It's Kinda surprising to me that if she is so mean and nasty and there's you know sexual harassment running rampant backstage at her show. Why didn't this come out a long time ago I haven't heard sexual harassment to now. Yeah. Something sexual in the she's just a mean person. She's just she has mean and the reason that were pointing out the cheese mean is because she hangs out with George W Bush well, she has to be mean if she'd hang out with your. Share Point Chicken and the egg right. So, Australian TV. Exact reveals a incredible demands from Ellen. He I guess she terrified his staff as she's she said, don't look at her you don't talk to her or approach her. And he she didn't say that her staff members. Yeah. told him that was the case. So a former executive producer of Australia's Today Show Claims Ellen staff walked on eggshells during the stars guest appearance in two thousand thirteen, he was apparently told. To don't approach don't look at her. got. GotTa look at your demand those that's my. Look at me. Great. In fact, if we pass each other in the hallway, you turn around and face the wall right and that's why there's such a stash of patch kids. Yeah. And the studio because people have learned that that's actually how you get them to talk to you. Is If you walk up and you and you extend your hand in you have a pack of Sour. Patch. Kids the pats like okay. Well, maybe give you thirty seconds get. Well, I mean I don't want them from your bare hand though who knows where that's been right. gloved. How about like Okay. That's acceptable. Yeah. Earn thirty seconds with the man earlier this month several employees blasted the Ellen. Degeneres. Show toxic work environment accusing three executive producers of bullying. What does that mean really mean have you ever worked with famous people successful people. They're successful for a reason usually because they can't tolerate bullcrap for one thing and if you don't do a good job, you're going to hear about it. Stunned unbelievable. In April there was outrage over pay-cuts due to the COVID nineteen pandemic and Warner, media employee Relations Group and third party firm will be interviewing past and present staff about their experiences. Okay we're GONNA get to the bottom of meanness

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