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It's weird. I'm hitting the heavy stuff this Friday. That's okay. I can handle heavy stuff. It's. Hard to think about I also want to say to that, obviously. And it sounds like you probably have your own version of this too. You know, we are pondering the way it's affected your life, and we are sort of exploring how can really mentally take. It's toll on you. But it it also sounds like you do feel great sadness for the kid who died in his family and friends to. It doesn't sound like there's I'm sure there's the temptation for an internet commenter to hear this, go wives this guy making it all about him. And. It sounds to me. I just wanted to like cut that off at the past. Because it doesn't sound you've indicated through the time that you're like, yeah. No. My whole town is grieving over this thing. I was involved. And that's it. It's it's. It's just another. It's just another aspect of this wrap your head around. Yeah. You know, what happened was? Bollocks? Remember thinking was at least what I was thinking of who who is this person. I just kept thinking hope they don't have kids like, please, don't let them have kids. You know, it looks like it looks like an older guy. I was like these don't make it that some kids just lost their dad. It's like, I don't want that on my conscience and. I don't know which one's worse. Right comparatively. The I think I think about him all the time. Is it still three years later? Do you is this have you do you think about it every day still? It depends definitely every week. You know, I'll have I'll have to struggle sleeping and stuff like that at times. Just because I'm seeing it in my head. Yeah. I think about all the time. It's hard when. People complain to me sometimes about small things and. I've had this with my sister a lot because she knows what I've been through as a whole and I love her. But she is kind of one of those turns Manhattan nights if you will were awfully okay. So let's if if I can let's pause and talk about this 'cause you and I just clicked heart. That's explain this. 'cause you and I are both giggling at this shared closer. So okay. Okay. We're gonna take this gonna be just a little bit of departure from the story that I definitely wanna hear an a melancholic story said story, but let us you just said something, very interesting. So when you grow up, you tell me if you agree or disagree when you grow up in northern New Jersey, Staten Island or Long Island. There's a very very weird relationship with Manhattan, and there's a very weird relationship with people who leave those places to go to men, that's what you're referring to because you were just dripping with a little bit of scorn when you said, a what was the phrase you used? Mended manhattanite turned turned. She's a turned manhattanite. The idea of being a turned manhattanite is a little bit of a turn off sometimes to the people from those outlying region surrounding men. Yeah. It's like it's like, suddenly they moved to the city and forgot that they grew up in a suburb. Did you have this to growing up in Long Island? I know in north jersey there's a little bit of a thing where if somebody's dad worked in the city that was a thing we could use to make fun of them. Like that was almost thing. We'd say to say like, oh, you think you're better than us because your dad works in the city and now grown up, and I'm like why didn't care about that. That just means that their data's probably like working hard and doing pretty well for himself. Good for him. But that was a thing back in the day. Like, oh, you're dead works in the city. You think you're better than us?.

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