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Um so suprisingly fun it's the ralph r o l f and you can find it for sale at the of to be acom all right thanks to our actual sponsor hey while we're here hank we also need to start sharing some of the projects rossum messages that people bought to support charities during the project for awesome this year we really appreciate all the people who did this and we're going to share some of the messages that they bought on dear hankun john beginning with aaron and julian in melbourne i think australia are friends aaron and julian in melbourne would like to congratulate the richmond tires who won the afl grand final in 2017 we are so lucky to be alive during this momentous age it was their first grand final win in thirty seven years whoa what is a grand final on what if the if the afl australian football league icu baby this it is australian rules football which i once saw a real life gamov when i was in australia and i have never been more astonished by a game who's rules i could not follow in the least is the grand final like the super bowl of afl i believe that the richmond tigers are now the world champions of australian rules football all right after thirty seven years so congratulations to them that's incredibly exciting also goku would totally beat superman in a fight they would like us to note so we have i mean there's only one way to find out john.

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