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A the last villanova on dimension a most relevant to the this movie mysterious too late by jake jilin hall the first time we've seen a live action misty areo what is he a like a a suit with question marks all over no tim you idiot he wears a fish bowl and his head that is like kinda got clouds inside of it you can see his face and they hired a famous movie star jake jilin all the while they you know they they do the typical movie thing of like having a lot of excuses from that helmet off senior is beautiful face like showering a lot everything julie knows he's in the shower on the phone with somebody no i got new shower phone in mysterious now i will say one thing that i did like about it is you're never gonna believe were calling you from the shower no not even wearing the fish for my dad that's what's keeping the phone dry shower phone that is dig out of you know what it doesn't matter to the softer to it's got like this foam out i exterior to three softer just the bottle he got it being yourself you wouldn't want us off shower phones bone is gonna like absorb moisture you you don't know how they are on like a solid give me a stainless steel is killed i mean everything go home of the greatest my personality and be like he doesn't even have anything that's our goal british who is demanding 'em jake jonah's mysterious show a let's say this gets into it's a mile spoilers if you don't look good is i think between the time that people started listening to this episode at they finished listen to this episode they've gotten into the movie a there's only a spoiler if you don't know the comics because the the ad campaign has portrayed misty areo as a good guy and if you know anything from the comics serious bad guy you already said he was a villain now right now is gonna say wait i thought he's a good guy while timmy fell for the ad campaign where i would have you seen that their commercials and billboards and so i had hillary and commercial the new spiderman movie in a commercial for it man seen a commercial in years time i'm a cord cutter humvee andy unreachable try to reach me marketers you can't yeah i mean they they billboards you've seen billboards i know the billboard that the jake jilin hall is initially the guy that's actually that's the slogan spiderman far from home juveniles the good guy in this one as well wow i'd i at that point i'd be like oh there's a reason they're saying that that i feel like they're trying to manipulate me so in the comics mysterious serious character comics yeah comic books comic books you know not the drawing monday phonies and i thought you meant a like a the laugh factory in stand up comic yeah vine anyway harley quinn nick dipaolo college the comics and i like when you say in the comics that's what i'm thinking you're talking about yeah so in the comics a a the syria syria was a stunt man in in like illusionist a he does special effects from movies however he then uses the special effects in the real world the drive spiderman batty ticket a confused the heck out of wow that's pretty smart.

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