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This on creative community as well. So I'm kind of telling those stories through through INCA CO DETROIT DOT COM in Get at Eliza. I I really loved that. What you said about entrepreneurship at some creative journey. Because I don't know if I would have agreed with you like ten years ago but I certainly on the other side of having run multiple companies and especially in time. We live now like there's very little that's more creative than like. How do I still have my company in a year when everything is closed that is like very creative stuff? Right there So I I really love in Good Co. I loved the homemade homemade stories as well but as an entrepreneur. I really appreciate how you brought a sort of a voice to those stories. If people wanted to get like a the most Shannon Shannon's Thang and you're like you can listen to one thing. What would you tell them to go? Listen to I will say listen to Was it car Listen to homemade stories Johnnie Walker Smith episode Card Johnny Walker Smith. And that's probably my most and that's a that's A. That's a fictional story. But that's a story that came to me and all just in one sitting I was sitting down and I wrote the whole story in our recorded did and I play all the voices in his story in. If I've done my job my voice face in the background and it just becomes a a narrative dechy listening to so Johnnie Walker Smith. I'm always I'm always happy to share. That were On homema- stories just look for So where can we find you? And then I'll ask our last question and then we'll say goodbye. You can find me at Shannon case dot com a case in a c. A S. O. N. And you can find me on social media. At Shannon case almost almost social media forums are be happy to connect with anyone awesome and so here is The last question is people have been driving or they may be been tuning out but this is when they come back just for a couple of in view. Deliver the best piece of advice that you can give them. Whether it's for starting their career can be what you would tell yourself At the start if your career but just the little nuggets you want them to leave this podcast with every they has a place. So you put everything back in his place if you if you have Peons you're low pin thing that you keep Europeans and use one type of peon like you like appear like the Zebra Zebra points off a time. And and I use one notebook a got Cavalier or whatever didn't notice car and I go get CVS. And I go get every every time. So and then everything has its place in anybody who comes in my office and takes my sister's. I'll what I'll put them back. They go here from me so put everything. It is place live. Make sure people respect it? Yup Awesome and I love it. Well thank you so much for stopping by Shannon. Thank you to appreciate a Russell. So that was shining cason and I hope you enjoyed that one if you did make sure to go. Find Shannon listened to his podcasts. I have been listening to in good company and homemade stories and I think both are wonderful. Shine it's got a really great rhythm and flow. I hope you heard it on the show. That is quite unique in the world of podcasting and I appreciate that. Very thoughtful. Slow introspective rhythm that he has so I highly recommend his shows. And if you like this.

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