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One day with my maternal grandparents one day with my program do that for a few years secondly uh that we uh we accepting that after while but mother's day educationally oriented oh there's niche she was the first person in her family or college she went city college three in any case my mother did research and she told afp other we're moving to brooklyn her nude because that's where she thought the vessels were so i when i was in fifth grade with two brookline and grew up in brooklyn went brooklyn high school and that i went away to whistling university you and mike wallace and theo epstein and uh and and and and and treasure gobert school a his agenda that i was a classmate of truck treasure i was you know the her husband mike winter with a the ninth grade class made of mine at boston latte drill it's a small get his whole world you know and i am now give you the next moral thing the second so i i went to wesland a universe in middletown connecticut where i was the classmate of bill bellichik we're both economic major's class in that in seventy five at wesland talk a lot of football with harden football we hung out different circles them that way i mean we're we had classes together but i will say that we out hookers earth's axes and so catherine now wasn't a at went wesland than i want you business will university chicago i had a bad business go out of business i met my wife who isn't medical school at university chicago and she got an internship appointment at mont of your hospital in the bronx so at age twenty four having left the province when i was seven i moved back into the bronx of my own free will and volition which is probably the only probably on purses ever done that but my wife did three years at matta fewer and then decided to sub specialize in nephrology kenny kenny medicine and she got a fellowship a tux medical school so we moved boston and he was 1980 that's when i.

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