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Delivered his I have a dream speech WTO sandy gazelle spoke with a Washington resident, danella brockington, who was their 59 years ago. She was just ten years old. My mother took me. She was adamant that she go and thought it would be a great idea for me to go with her. And I love tagging along with her, so it was no big deal for me. We often went to places together. So, you know, she just said, she had to be there. It was going to be a historic moment. And she needed to be there in person. What do you remember about that day? The crowds, the speakers. We were kind of further back, but we managed to inch our way forward and people were pretty nice about letting us move forward since they knew, you know, clearly I couldn't see above the crowd and my mother wasn't much taller than me. So we kind of worked our way towards the front. So we found a vantage point where we could actually see the stage and we were able to hear. I don't know whether there were actually speakers, but we were able to hear the speeches. Do you remember your reaction? What did you think of what you were hearing? Well, I knew I was going to hear doctor Martin Luther King. And I knew about him. I had no idea about the impact he would have on a crowd that size, but so I had some expectations. It just, you know, when I actually heard it, I had no idea. Like I said, how impactful it would be and how well received it would have been for a crowd that size. So I knew at that point that I was actually part of some very important moment in history. Again, at ten years old, it was just a parent. I had no idea how big a point in history it was, but it seemed like a very important time. Next hour, danella brockington talks about what that experience has meant to her throughout her life. Would you move for a new job? What if that job was on Mars? That's the premise of no place to go at signature theater. It's a really crazy, wonderful story that's a little absurd, a little heartwarming, actor Bobby Smith plays George who must decide whether to move to Mars for his corporate job, which would mean uprooting his family and giving up his life as a playwright and composer in New York City. Trying to maintain his apartment and his wife and his cats and dogs and his career in the arts when his job goes away. As George daydreams in his office a band appears on stage for funny fantasy sequences. It's got a soul number. It's got the blues in it. It's got like a country song. It's all of these different American songs through his fantasy. Find out more on WTO P dot com, Jason Frey, WTO.

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