Our Season Finale Starring the Founders of She Podcasts and Skyes husband Don


Hello and welcome to inside podcasting the show in which creators discussed their craft. I'm your host. Sky. Pillsbury. This is a post show episode, but we're doing things just a little differently today I all chat with Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupperman about last week's interview with sixteen nineteen producers, a Diese Egan and Anti Brown Jessica and Elsie our the founders of she podcasts a community that helps women and non binary podcasters through every step of their podcast journey. The pair met online years ago and joined forces to create a free facebook group that now has over seventeen thousand members. Jessica Elsie also hosts a really fun podcast called she podcasts in which they talk about all things podcasts, and they are the founders of she podcast live an in person conference I attended their inaugural event last year and it was wonderful. Their next event is scheduled for next. October. that's October of twenty twenty. One For the second half of our show due to popular demand I am bringing back my husband. We will take a look back at the season. I hope you enjoy today's conversations and I'll be back at the end to wrap things up. I am thrilled today to have with me, Elsie Escobar and Jessica Cup for men who are the founders of she podcasts. They are also the women I consider to be my podcast Mama's. Even. Though I am almost one hundred percent sure that I'm over than them both. So with that welcome Jessica and Elsie, I'm so happy to have you here. Think. You yes. All right guys you are my guest hosts and I'm your subject and I'm ready for you go. Just you have the questions I will chip in. Okay. There are so many shows and episodes right now in podcasting about race and racial relations. So why did sixteen nineteen speak to you specifically? Honestly it made me feel angry that I had not Known so much of what was talked about in this podcast. Hadn't learned any of it in school and I went to a very good public school and yet I felt like everything I was hearing felt new to me obviously I knew basic facts about Abraham Lincoln and the civil war and things like that. But I did not understand any of the nuance and I certainly did not understand how happened what felt like so long ago right it did sorta feel to me like ancient history did not understand how connected it was to our current world. For example, healthcare I had no idea that I mean our healthcare's. Louis it was mind blowing like the fact that we have the worst healthcare system of any developed nation and the fact that that can be traced. So clearly back to the fact that we did not want to allow black enslaved people or even black UNIN slaved people to have equal healthcare. You know the fact that we can trace that back is. Rushing and tragic, and it's tragic for all of us you know and those kinds of realizations just felt so jarring and I had a real emotional reaction to listening to the podcast both because I just felt so much more empathetic to people who are living the black experience in the US but also it was also emotional because I felt cheated of that knowledge and so the reason why I wanted to talk to the people and I still feel so incredibly fortunate that I was able to get them on the show and bring shine. Any kind of light on that for other people was incredibly rewarding and that's why I wanted to have him on on the show they. It's funny. I've thought about this like they talk in the episode about how they want to lift up Nicole's work and I felt that in talking to them, I was hoping to lift up their work and Nicole's work. You know sort of getting even more Meta here but just wanting people to recognize and see this podcast and maybe have the same kind of transformative experience listening to it that I did.

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