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By more than 2700 journalists and analysts and over 120 countries in San Francisco, I'm at Baxter and this is Bloomberg and let's check on sports, shall we with a Bloomberg stand Schwartzman, boy, turning on the jets, Manchester City, dominating the Champions League. Yeah. They absolutely did have a dominate buying meeting three nil at the Etihad of Champions League quarterfinal first leg, city getting goals from Audrey Bernard Bernardo Silva and Ellen Holland with a goal Holland becoming the first Premier League player in history to score 45 goals in a season and all competitions. The return leg is gonna be at Allianz that'll be April 19th. In the other quarterfinal first like match into Milan picking up a two zero road win at Benfica and you're getting goals from Burrell and Lukaku in the second half. Second leg's gonna be in Milan on April 19th. Intro looking to make the last four for the first time since winning the Champions League that was back in 2010. Big loss for Napoli heading into Wednesday's Champions League quarterfinal first leg versus A.C. Milan striker Victor oseman has been ruled out the groin injury. Surya's leading scorer so far this season has not played since March 19th. Though he is expected back to the second like versus blond that'll be April 18th. NBA playoffs, tip off tonight and two playing games featuring the 7 sea plane the 8th seeds in the east Atlanta Hawks battling the heat in Miami won the west, Lakers are hosting the Minnesota Tim wolves in LA Minnesota big man Rudy Gobert not in the lineup. He is suspended for the game for throwing a punch of teammate Kyle Anderson during a team hollow Sunday. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update, Brian. Dan, thanks very much the time here 44 minutes past the hour. Let's get to our guests, Vincent, signorello. Bloomberg macro strategist.

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