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The the the big deal daily didn't designer jeans with Calvin Klein in the mid nineteen seventy. So my father was always sort of innovating things and. Trying to evolve and change the way people people dressed in looked at fashion. That was is about my early life. I remember him doing a deal with the Beatles. And we have all these beetle t shirts, beetle, hats and everything back in the nineteen sixties. And you mentioned that you know, he was innovative and Volve constantly evolving. It seems like he was like that in his personal life to can you speak to his kind of personality side of work a lot flashier than I was fancy cars. Maybe even a little fancier dressed. I'm I'm a little more low key, but he just was larger than life, and you know, a character that sort of we rarely see today. And I think maybe it went with the times, and he was incredible person. And a great father to me, and such a great friend to so many people and my dad has passed away thirty five years now, but. There would be frequently people come up to me. It's how I remember your dad or your dad did this. You know, it's really nice to have that memory. And that legacy even though I lost my dad when I was relatively young. I miss him. But there was never an empty feeling. He just he stayed with me and my life for all these years. And I think part of it is that obviously I followed it an industry after him. I also am very interested in thoroughbred racing and breeding, which was also passionate by dads. And although I do think I'm I'm quite different than my dad a lot of my interest in the lot of my way of thinking. And so on. You know, it comes from the same place. There's very little rebellion on your part. It seems I was not a rebellious child at all. I was the youngest of four children. I guess I was always sort of hanging around my mom and dad, and you know, they'd have to take me on chips and so on up. My next sister is three years older than me. So I was sort of the baby that was always maybe a little special rebellion was not part of anything. I thought or whatever what about your mother? My mother was really fantastic woman, very different than my dad, and sort of way, she was she was pretty private, but very eccentric and very creative. And I sort of picked up from my mom, this whole love of the garden and landscaping in the outdoors. And so on a lot of that is what I love to do at at my home in Southampton. Or in New York, some sort of a serial landscaper that way that I got from my mom, my mom was very stylish, and, you know, had a great sense of style both in her homes, and in the way she dressed, and you know, it's really terrific. She passed away now three years ago, and you know, up until the time she passed away I used to speak to three times a week. And what's her name Shirley Rosen? In fact, all of the my codes on all, you know, you now need to have codes on everything is my the year. My mother was born. So I always can remember her now, I know what type in on your ATM, no ATM machine. Instinctively. You're drinking up the fashion industry, just by being around your father, and your grandfather, what are some of your most prominent memories of, you know, being with him at work, you know, even before I went to work. I remember running around my my grandfather's trust factory in Waltham and going through the dresses and just experiencing sort of that whole factory part of the business. I remember my dad bringing close home and us rummaging through them. And also remember when I was young. My dad would always have business people over the house and just sitting there, and observing and and not really understanding what was going on. But just soaking it all in so to speak. So it's true like from an early age. And I don't think my dad ever he never. Wanted me or. Ever said anything about me going into the business to follow him?.

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