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Apply. Visit C. Y n c h dot com slash offer for details. In the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic Center. We make it easy. We have a crash on the 91 in Riverside. This one is along the East found side and it's coming right up on Adam's. That's where they've had all lanes blocked at times to try to clear this wreck after the shoulder big delays here overall slowing out of Orange County as you get away from the 57 freeway. Now let's check in with Mike O'Brien. KF Eye in the sky. Sponsored by injury attorneys Superwoman super lawyer dot com Fuller 10. Yeah, little problem right next to cows. State Fullerton, where you get schooled in a little break right to one. Oh, one It looks like the 57 South Bong. What happened? They just moved that accident to the right shoulder. However very heavy on that stretch, a little unusual sawing back to about Lambert Northwest side of the 57 Not so bad on this stretch. Most of it hits you just into Allah County as you leave Tanya Canyon up to the verge of the sixties Diamond bar. East 60. That's a toughie today that's loading up from East LA interchange most of the way to Paramount and then once again from Hacienda over to the 57 injured in an accident. Is it? Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Michael Brian K. F. I had the sky It's a slow drive in Burbank on the five North family, the the 1 34 Freeway. You remain on the brakes and stretches all the way to the 14 K F I in the sky helps gets you there faster. I'm Angel Martinez ran out of propane. No need to drive to the store when you can get propane delivery straight to your door with Sanchez C Y. N. C. H. Cinch brings the tanks to you. It's easy and convenient. Propane home delivery. Here's how it works. Go to cinch dot com that.

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