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Any kind of real estate At 1235 the Screen Actors Guild Awards has announced its nominees today so which movie performances will compete in the most exciting races Well TOP's entertainment editor Jason Frehley takes a look Will Smith could win his first ever Oscar after his sag nomination for best actor in king Richard but he'll have to go through Benedict Cumberbatch for the power of the dog and Andrew Garfield for tick tick boom Best actress includes two singers with Lady Gaga and House of Gucci and Jennifer Hudson in respect while leaving out Kristen Stewart and Spencer a movie I hated but a performance that was considered the FrontRunner I'm most thrilled to see supporting actress include Ruth nega for passing and Ariana devis for west side story while Ben Affleck sneaks into supporting actor for the tender bar against Bradley Cooper for licorice pizza And finally best ensemble includes my two favorites Belfast and coda how cool would it be for the cast to accept the top prize and sign language Jason friel WTA news The sag award scheduled for February 27th on TBS and TNT More than two decades ago a local nun was told to stop ministering to gay Catholics the Vatican had said what she was doing man was wrong Fast forward to today and she's trading letters with Pope Francis and being thanks for 50 years of work Sister Janine Graham helps run new ways ministry out of Mount Rainier a group that advocates for equality for LGBTQ Catholics And one that U.S. bishops have argued should not be considered a Catholic organization But following some of the Pope's more accepting comments about homosexuality her group sent him a letter asking for affirmation of their work He wrote back And there's been a series of letters The most recent letter from the Pope thanked her repeatedly for 50 years of compassion administering to a group often shunned by the church The church is all of the people of God And we need to hear from all of the people No one is excluded Sister jeanine says if you read the gospel of Jesus Jesus welcomed everyone John doeman W TOP news 1237.

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