NASA Astronauts Splash Down in SpaceX Dragon Capsule, Capping Historic Mission


Three. It's a home sweet home for NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Robert Bank in after their space X crew Dragon capsule made a successful splashdown landing and the Gulf of Mexico Sunday asked afternoon Thie astronauts returned Earth from the international space station was historic first. Marking the success of the first commercial crew flight test. NASA hopes that the successful mission means that the United States will no longer have to hitch a ride with the Russia with Russia to the international space station, Dan Did you watch this? Not the landing per se, but least the takeoff. Where was that? A month ago? Yeah, that was one of the coolest thing about that was watching. The miles per hour on the side of the screen, and it just getting into the the thousands. That's crazy. You don't see that very often. I don't know about you, but I sure I sure as heck I've never seen that

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