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If that will only be a few minutes, I'm gonna run in and get something to run back out and get it. We don't really care of that point, But you understand that there is a dividing line like if you wear a mask, your Succumbing to this. Some people call it a hoax. They think it it doesn't exist. They think that it was manufactured and sent to America. I mean, there are many conspiracy theories about covert 19. And so it is political wearing a mask is political or can be political. Well, it's never political in a clinical interaction. That's the first thing I would tell you, but I've been called a sheep all on so and that's okay. But it reflects sort of two failures in the communications world that is so important in medicine. Ah, failure for a unified leader like in war. Time to say, Look, This is an important thing we're doing. Everybody must make a sacrifice. And here's how you do it, And we're not asking people to make a very difficult sacrifice. These they're not dangerous drugs were asked me to take. We're not asking you to spend a lot of money. We're not asking you to go and take a personal day. In a battle right? We're asking you to do some simple things. And the other side of that coin is we scientists and doctors have some culpability to. We have to be more careful to make people understand that as we learn things, it's going to change and we're gonna let them know what the changes are. So now you know, you see, sometimes people do a study and then before it even go through peer review it's released. You know, we're doing science by press release. We've never done that before. And with a more unified message. We could have saved a lot of I've saved a lot of money, and we probably wouldn't be looking at the shutdowns we're looking at now. The next six weeks can tell us whether or not it's going to be a terrible winter or just an inconvenient one. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Are you working or You're gonna be with family or you know, I have traditionally at you silly worked the Thanksgiving holiday. So I will be working Thanksgiving Day tomorrow and Friday and Saturday and so that people can have a nice weekend off. We will not have a tradition that ers across the country and in the hospital ICUs always do and one of the greatest meals you'll ever have. Steve, if you ever have a chance to have a Potluck and Andy are in a big hospital like U C L A. You have the best meal you've ever had. Because everybody brings their family's best dish from across the wide diversity. You can imagine how many different cultures are reflected in our staff. I mean, a reflection of the diversity of Los Angeles. The food is it'll make your just your head explode. You want to go and collapse in the concept? You can't because your work is the best meal you ever have. So after Cove, it is over and our hospitals are back open. Maybe next year, we'll invite you to the potluck and weaken both overindulge. We will miss that. But we'll be there for you. If there's any any reason you come to the hospital, that's what we do across the country. There's other things other than covert out there and we stand ready to take care of our friends. Our neighbors. Our countrymen on hopefully get you back to the 100% healthy state. So you return to your families your jobs and live your life. That's the reason we do what we do. I think I speak for a lot of people. When I say we are thankful for you, and we're thankful for countless people who are working in those ers and hospitals all across this great nation. Obviously, it is a troubling time for for us. There's a lot going on. But I want to thank you for your for your service, sir. And We've gotta all band together and get this done. Mark Morocco Physician in L. A professor of emergency medicine over you see a light doctor..

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