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Thirty minutes past the hour talkradio six eighty, dummies at Welcome to the chamber e Sean Franklin. The morning in for Sean so how do you get a barrel of a car and northern California sheriff's deputy has shown as. You do it very carefully I deputy fire several beanbag rounds into cars. Back window to free trapped bear of gone. Into the car seeking food a spokesman for the Eldorado county sheriff's department says officers were called after the vaccine rummage through the. Civic in south Lake Tahoe. The deputy says he is he considered breaking out the back window but reconsidered when he realised he'd. Be close to the bear instead he fired. Bean bags at the window once it broke the bear hopped out in high tale. Of back to the woods the sheriff's. Office has posted on Facebook remind people. That there's can, open doors so I'm frankly your dogs may. Be able, to as well I, mean we've all know happen but there you have it the way you're going to. Bear out of your? Car should this ever occur You just. Use your beanbag, gun beanbag guns by the way I don't. Think are, available for purchase in, the state so I guess you simply have to leave the bury your car if. You're in Maryland Franken And that's the bare facts o- as we, have Oh all right We're talking about barrel, exchange one letter a beer beer, beer turns out can save a life to Minnesota beer deliver men were able to urge a suicide come off a bridge, by all framework Coors light for for many beer lovers offering the of Gore's light would send them to the bridge in the first place is they rather. Have a beer thank. You very much so the Wednesday in Saint Paul drivers saw. Clingy to bridge they asked if. He was okay he. Wasn't the drivers Kwami Anderson said he told, the Saint Paul pioneer press borrowed negotiation techniques that Denzel Washington used in the. Movie inside bam trying to build rapport with. The distraught person Anderson said he'd offered to talk with the man about his troubles over a. Beer and police say the man slowly instance. Way the safety. So it's, amazing you see, Ben Franklin said beers proof that God loves us and wants us. To, be happy You're, getting back to, this Veterans Day parade we are not going to happen this year Mainly because the cost of ninety two million dollars is pretty prohibited. Three times more than three times the price that was first, suggested by the White House but, my question is and the president has done this before basically tapping into the private sector the billionaires in this country who. Leaned toward the, president and his initiatives tapping into been to maybe. Help finance it privately in other words it would. Be, mostly a privately financed for e I wonder if. That is a good alternative here see I. Tend to be opposed to the whole idea I think it's perfectly fine, to have military units in parades around the country as they happen on the fourth of July or on Veterans Day or. I mean that, kind of stuff that makes sense to me but. Saying that we're going to be giving a massive. Military, parade to show how military we are in Australia I just think it's unnecessary I think it is a waste of money and again. Is a guy whose son is in the. Military right now I'm quite sure the troop would much rather simply see that, that money however much it is spent on making sure they, have the latest tech to support themselves that they. Have the vests body armor that the. Vehicles you're driving in aren't aren't susceptible to that they have, the money spent in that fashion instead it's not as flashy and you don't have corporate sponsorship of the army but as far as affective -ness, of use of spending money I think most folks would rather go. That way now this may be a minority opinion it could be that a lot of people listening right now A. Great idea you clearly do Frank just. I think it's I think frankly throwing money down a hole And I would. Rather the, money be spent in some other fashion let's why hasn't said maybe money from. The private sector. You know I'm a. Little bit ambivalent about, the whole, thing, to be honest with you Right now But the veterans on Veterans Day are honored in local, communities anyway with, different, parades, celebrations dedications and things of. That nature it's not like it's going on noticed. And ignored we already are paying tribute and to those that served than those who serve and gave a gave the supreme sacrifice in doing so Yeah Email in from. Gen Interesting Email he says go, to good. Early morning believe enough first couple of stories of day have a theme. Cover up a clearly the Catholic church leaders wanted to hide the fact, that, pedophile sexual deviance priests they couldn't defrocked, them or communicate them or it. Would expose the truth now we know the church covered up the truth for a long time and it makes us doubt their veracity better to have dealt with each case harshly at the time of the occurrence rather than to cover it up for a few as. Her into Turkish forever the institution Next, if a society wants women to. Go topless on beaches then they will it sounds like ethical, relativism to me is either right. Or wrong for me to cover their breasts argument that. Men go topless at the beach so women should too bad analogy there is. An equal right, to bear nipples men and women both have rear ends but they don't walk around and thongs. Merlin real they do it'd be indecent exposure to expose one's bomb anywhere. Else, other than at the beach and in a thong so why not I women go topless just. At. The, beaches men, do well just equal rights, women going. Topless in public is a form of indecent exposure and it's not appropriate. In public women should have some sense of modesty and cover up there, isn't, a right to let your Tatas hang, out unless one is breastfeeding apparently. She says for some of the blame so much of society's problems on the sexual revolution and bra burning you don't mind if women let it all hang out at the beach next it's the club or just filled in the blank is just a slippery slope to. Bare breasts Anywhere the culture will allow not. Much of a philosophy one likes consistency well I think your misreading what I believe, him I frankly see no real difference, between men's. Nipples and women's Nichols I'm a grownup I've seen a women's breasts before and it's fine it's part of the anatomy. Of a female? Human being I don't make an ethical judgment, on whether or not their chests. Are ethical and ours men's chests are not ethical or anything, like that to me is simply. Part of natty and different cultures do make determination differently. As to how they view covering up or not covering up one can't necessarily. Argue that in, cultures where women go topless on the beach there in of themselves less or more ethical than. We are it's a cultural difference that's all so what you're what they're. Saying, and if my question we'll take this up on the Jewish traffic on the first Chuck Whitaker Keep us abreast till we get there Invest The outer, loop west, side There is a report of. An incident near the rampant ninety five just waiting for Baltimore County to get there to ninety five south looks a little better now at 175 going down eventually into fort Meade and down through. The Prince George's county line nothing major at the tunnels or the key bridge construction and emergency construction from yesterday in the area at Hartford, road at long green. Pike, check traffic and, weather first we'll talk radio six eighty WCBS submarine heads are way just, in time for the weekend. But it's not a washout we're partly cloudy today a. Few.

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