Russia, Val Kilmer, Donald Trump discussed on Red Eye Radio


Dogooder tough guys gary mcnamara and eric harley read radio the co i saw the movie did you see the movie on know where where russia developed cold fusion no i can't oh yes the saint oh yeah which was that's a hollywood movement novel right was based on a novel yes it were were rush were the they adopt dumber the val kilmer and the woman developed cold fusion right and you know russia for some reason was based in russia and she ended up i don't know if they stole the technology or did whatever but he saved the world in saved russia because he had cold fusion so the last caller was trying to make the point that since cold fusion exists that all the companies all the world will come here to invest because we have cold fusion if you wondered why we didn't continue with the call that's where it was going so we have unlimited energy sources it just we have right i think the new version of that is that tony stark developed it well the the original thing on that it said that companies will come here because we have because we have energy sources and i thought that he was talking about oil and natural gas and and and all that and that's very important but you know one of the problems that we have and and this is the one thing and this is why most calls we have the all the calls we have that talk about well this is what trump's trying to do their guessing i have no idea what trump thinks now on trade what i believe is happening is i believe he's always been a tariff kind of person i do think that larry cudlow is sticking around and losing all credibility because he still thinks he can impact the president and i do believe that it's in the.

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