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I know some people just like he gets. He gets a little wallet right here. That's not that's not a movie screen shots. He's getting my trailer was that i mean my god yeah. It's not good oh well. I cannot wait to see the trailer for that movie. Mike he'll have his fourth or fifth renaissance or whatever ah become no comeback around. I thought it was hairspray but that's just me no. No late ninety s like air that that whole boxing scene that's <hes> i mean it was twenty bucks right for face off. I think it was back the assistance as peach peach for hours castor troy though what a great name gene yes again for other astor. I wonder i remember when he dies and ties his shoelaces again very oh great right man. I love the sean dude. It's like i'm going to need a lot of dubs. How many like too many of what there's one seen here he goes. He goes if i bought you flowers no if i let let's you saw my tongue if i let you would you be great sauk on my tongue. She was grateful. She was a special occasion and she goes yeah. Come on man every move so i don't know what we're talking about. You should watch you. You should absolutely watch face if for no other reason than to just see what no chemistry looks like between john travolta and in <hes> his who flees his wife <hes>. He looks like he's yeah and technically older but she was also in. What's her name. <hes> remember the drew new giniger sean was the other was was john a one <hes> but what's what is her name around <hes> she was also so in <hes> movie where they go black and white into an color pleasantville. Oh <hes> she's a wonderful actor. Yeah dominique swain wayne no joe now. That woman is not named dominic swimming. Come on. I'm just i read dominique swain. Whoever has the last name archer allen that was his daughter that's right which there is a moment where ron proposal it's obviously nicholas cage as john travolta but but he's like touching people's faces daughter like even even nick cage allowing <hes> we didn't we could probably out that scene out and i just i've part of that. Whole perfect movie is at the end when he goes. You know what get rid of the scar. I don't care about my dead son. He's like don't put the scar back. It's fine. I like the i mean. It is reasonable detri- <hes> just this. We have to do this for no one. I've never your your son more more importantly <hes>. This is what i saw game to play the guys. I need to bring my biggest point about-face off real quick so he switched bodies. <hes> one becomes fat in the one became skinning then at the very end he goes back. He's leaves fat again in the cage the body but my regular face back put the fat back yeah yeah yeah yeah tub of john travolta all the fat and he's he's put it now safe it is. I think we would give them a fit buddy. Life bodies better than skinny fat cages here with eleven. Wow hi hi. I'm nick cage. This is don't call the i._r._s. This is a really <hes> the special line of a lame story but i want to tell it and you you guys might appreciate it and couldn't walk..

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