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Maybe outside of Quinn miners. And I guess if you think Garrett Bowles will come back healthy, then he could probably stay. Everybody else, I'm fine with the clean sweep. If you can replace them. Or you've got to change the coaching in the offensive line. I seriously think they need a realistic number of what 6 new offensive linemen. Probably 5 and other chiefs rebuilt their entire offensive line on an off season and so did the Bengals. You're going to overpay if you do it through free agents. You'd have to be a mix where you try to get you'd prefer to get the tackle in the draft because you're going to overpay for a tackle and free agency. And that pick that they're going to get from the niners now looks worse every day that the one they got for Chubb. But you try to look for a right tackle in the draft and then you're going to have to draft at least two interior players is my guest or maybe you go two tackles and one interior player. But and if one of those interior players for me has got to be a center guard combo guy because that, again, they're not good enough. They're not good enough there. Some of it is coaching for me. Some of it is coach. The thing about balls is they could move on from him too the way his contract is set up, but I don't think you could have I don't think you're going to be able to replace your bolt tackles and an interior player like four starters. I don't think you'll be able to do that in off season. Maybe, but if you do it that way, Chad, you're going to dramatically overpay for a tackle in free agency. As they've done, whether it was menelik Watson, whether it was juwan James, I mean, that's tackles in free agency you have to be really careful. Well, one, it's tragic that we're on Black Friday day after Thanksgiving and we're talking about the off season overhauls already because we know what this season is.

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