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Season and happy holidays to you, Steve. Happy holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. We're gonna get it all done today. Yes, we are. This'd such a great time of the year. I mean, every single year, which is pretty nice is that Stephen IRA available by appointment, but we give our staff the time off to be with their families. But we answer the phones remotely, and it's just pretty awesome. Just so people can just spend time with their family, especially this year in the vacation days. Don't go against their personal so they all get four weeks off every year. I think, Laura. She's been here so long, 16 years Now. I think she's up to pry like 10 weeks and she never takes that. That's the reason why she sits in her office. Lot doesn't do anything. Just getting busy gal just like everyone else here in the office, and I know you're very appreciative of them. And as a my they Allowed us the ability to be a ble toe do what we do each and every weekend but more importantly, sit across from our current clients sit across from people that have just heard us on the radio seen us on TV or even referrals, and that's what we enjoy the most is getting to know people and helping them put a plan together based upon their goals and objectives. It has been such a wonderful year to do that, Steve as a matter of fact. Our firm is growing. I mean, we're taking the other side of the second floor in our Dallas building, and we'll be finishing that out the first quarter, which is just unbelievable, considering everything that's happened. You know, worldwide, especially, you know, with a lot of people, you know, losing their jobs or small businesses close and we've just been able to help in service. So many people there at the last several years that now we're just gonna have to add a few more people. That's a nice feeling It is and the nice thing as well as we've been able to work in the office, not work at home. Everything CDC compliant because when we're all together, that's when we're able to do the best work for people, and that's You know, we only had a 2 to 3 week period of time where we were not actually in the office and we're still very efficient. But the fact that we're all back in the office and we've been back in the office since April is has been a great thing for us. I know. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that are in the financial services industry. They're still working from home and you know, in order for us to continue to grow and in order for us to continue making sure The right strategy fits your need and goal with gotta be together and accountability is the center of our success here at the one and done and Steve just exactly what you were saying this past week, we called into the bench or 401 K rollover checks because everybody wants to get out of the market for the of the year. What was pretty interesting is there's always start to call if I'm like, where you today and I, depending upon what they say they usually say, Well, I'm working from home because a lot of these big, you know, for one K plan administrators are having all their people work from home and, you know, they're like I can't wait to get back to work. I mean, they're working, but they want to be in an environment. You know that's productive where you've got other people, and we just had so much energy and our building here recently and it just feels nice even though things are back to normal, but to feel like they're back to normal, even Traffic it like 5, 30. I never would have thought I was gonna be every time we get. We leave. I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Look, look at all that traffic. I never thought ever, I would say. I'm happy to see it, You know, just because it's just wow, It feels really good. It does much needed for sure when I could tell you, whatever. By Arlington. There's traffic, even if there's not cars out there with all the construction over there, I guess what they were doing something with the rodeo. The Arlington stayed in the other day. I didn't have the opportunity to go, but I'm sure it was a great time. Yeah, well, so you don't just thinking forward to 2021. I think a lot of people feel that this market's got a lot of volatility in it. You know, we have the inauguration that's coming up here shortly, and you know The markets are pretty volatile. I mean, as much as we've seen them grow, and the last several years any time, you know in history I've seen an all time high. I've seen it followed by an all time low, right and we take a look back at the end of 2018. When Trump started trade trade talk with China, we saw significant downturn in the stock market than 2019 rant back up and then 2020 because of Cove in the market went down pretty big, but then came back up as well. Which it's not a bad thing to have your money in the market that's going to go down and come straight back up because you don't want to miss out on the upside what we're really concerned about. And what a lot of high net worth individuals are concerned about right now. Is this markets that probably 12 years of upside? I don't want to have a two year three year recessionary significant pull back because of what that could do to their financial portfolio if you're in your thirties and forties. You can ride it out. But if you're in your fifties, sixties and seventies, and you have the majority of your portfolio in an equity position, depending on where you're invested, you could see a significant downturn much like you experienced in 2000 to 2003 or even oh, wait No. Nine, And that's the last thing we want to have happen to a large portion of our retirement portfolio. Steve, We have some great solutions that are short term. We talked about this strategy at the beginning of the year. Bright house has some great strategies, and I just thought I'd mention they have limited distribution on this particular strategy that we're about to talk about. We do have some Um, I think previous recordings on our website that you can find and it's interesting how this works. So for accounts over $500,000, they have higher benchmark. Of what they're going to pay. But let me just give you some the returns that we've seen here recently. And with money just going in because I think one of the challenges for people is well, you know the annuities. I can't make any money, fixed indexed annuities. You can only make two or 3% and then you can never get your money out. And if you die, blah, blah, blah. All of that is garbage. And it's not true. So this is a six year term at the end of the term. Take all your money. Go do something else. And after you fund your account, you could start taking withdrawals. They can't change how you're credited with interest, so some annuities because there were interest rate environment that we're in right now. Participation rates, caps and things like that have dropped a little bit just because interest rates are You know low, but this strategy can't change. And here's a gentleman who said I want the $500,000 breaks they put in $500,000 June 18th 2020. Fast forward. He is sitting at as of December, the 17th. We see her, My by focal start working today He's got 561,000 and change. So he is up 12.22% as of December, the 17th which represents 65% of the market return, based upon the S and P 500. Here's another person that put in 616,000 and April April, the eighth Seven. They're up to $733,262. For performance. Great to date, 18.89%. That's a 55%. And then here's somebody that put in a million dollars is just the end of July. So we're just about five months into this a million dollars. They're up.

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