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I remember the early days of traffic reporting when I first started in the business and you have a guy One guy is sitting with a pair of binoculars in a in a high rise building, just looking out. Now It's a It's a lot more high tech, isn't it, Dad? Yeah. No, it is high tech. We've got cameras. We've got deals with, um, the D O t where we can access their stuff and vice versa. And we work with TV stations. We have all this technology. It's almost like I feel like we're big brothers. Sometimes you know, we can. We can see everything and we even have a traffic tip line where People can call in and it's not just the regular BZ number. We have other numbers as well that people can call into and it's great because you know, we're getting on the road experience Those binoculars. They're in storage somewhere. Yeah. Save them for your bird watching days like this. All right, so that roof here, So I mean, birdwatching is definitely a possibility. Yeah, just because watch the pigeons, though, because they they leave a mark. Alright. Tell you what Dan, stand by. There's a lot of stuff. I wanna chit chat with you about because this is Fascinating and it's so universal. So here's the question for the audience. 617254 10 30 give us a story about traffic. That may not be a happy story at the time, but you can reflect on it now. And also, what would you suggest? Be done to make the traffic flow better to alleviate the congestion. 617254 10 30, We'll be back. Jordan Ricin For Dan Ray, This is nightside nightside with Dan Ray A nwc BZ Boston's news radio. Look at you over there, moving and grooving again because you applied Voltaren.

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