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Good morning. It is 37 on this Thursday morning in half half an hour, we'll be joined by Brian Darling and we'll talk about the fallout from the Georgia Senate runoff elections in a democratic control of the House, Senate and presidency. Where does this take us? At 7 35 Coolio Rosas was on the ground in D. C. He'll give us The 1st 10 review of what he saw at 85. Susan for Riccio was with us. She's got the latest details about the electoral college certification in Congress and in a 35 Dr Andy Harris from Maryland's first congressional district. He'll get his thoughts of the events at the Capitol yesterday and the electoral College certification vote in Congress on Mary Walter Here's Vince Colonies. Good morning. It's audio gathered during ahead of it sounds like the chaos yesterday at the United States Capitol building. Tim Kearney was the one who rolled on that audio. He's a senior political columnist of the Washington Examiner, also a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. Author of Alienated America. Why Some places thrive while others collapse And he was, of course on the ground. As I said yesterday, Tim Good morning. Thank you for joining us today. Morning, Vince. Morning, Mary. What brought you to the Capitol Building? And if you could describe how events transpired as you were watching them? Yeah. So I had attended some of the rally out by the White House, Um, and then eventually walked down with some of the attendees towards the capital. Uh, sort of Not at the front end, but tail end of the march down there. And when I got there, I saw arrived there just as a group of protesters broke through a barricade, basically causing The police to retreat back towards the building and that Woz unbeknownst to me about when people have broken into the building, and we're going through a speaker Pelosi's office and that sort of thing I did not have access inside the building. Ondo. So I went around the perimeter and saw the scenes of multiple doors where writers were trying to break through the door. But the Capitol police formed a phalanx on the other side of the door just tried to stop him physically, windows being smashed and a cop at one point being pulled to the ground. And surrounded by a mob. Very scary moment, man. You know, it seemed said, like such a disconnect to me and it happened. It seemed pretty quickly I saw it was so interesting because you have the chaos and we're seeing video of what's happening at at at the Capitol and people inside the Capitol in the breaking of the windows. And then about a block away. There was a group of Trump supporters who have been at the rally and they were talking to a reporter and said, they're like we're not violent. We're not those people and they were still having like their little. Their little rally on day were still, you know, shouting, you know, America and USA and those types of things. It was a really, really weird disconnect. It was almost as if it was two distinct separate events that was happening. What was it like outside when all of this was going on? What was the reaction of people? There's a lot more gray area between if you want to say black hats and white hats with the bad guys being the ones with guns drawn in the capital, and then the grandma sitting in chairs on the long, um, there was definitely that and vast majority were You know, just there to cheer and that sort of thing. But it also struck me that so I'd be in a crowd of near the door, Same door that I go in like when I'm with my Senate press pass to go talk to Ah, Lawmaker staffer..

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