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They used to call January camp? What? Camp cupcake. Oh, can you believe that? They still call it that. The disrespect. Yeah. But we should point out that every once in a while, maybe even more than every once in a while. You find something good in January, camp, something real good. So what we're going to do now is top 5 gems of January camp at the U.S. men's national team. Why don't you start us off? At number 5. Bear with me, all right, number 5, Matt Turner. Come on down. Got his national team debut in January camp. Never look back. Same year he started 6 games, 6 games in the gold cup got 5 shutouts. One of those one zero win versus your beloved Mexico in that final in Las Vegas Nevada, you were there, Seth, you remember that. You were also Seb in Qatar. In Qatar where he posted two shout outs, something that's not been done by a U.S. men's national goalkeeper since I think you were like three, 1930. So big time right there. That's number 5, all right? Let's go to number four. Oh, number four is a good one. Everybody's favorite GM. One of my favorite teammates, one of my favorite center backs in the U.S. men's national setup, excuse me. Carlos book and nebra, a nigger. Center back and left back over a decade's worth of experience in Europe. Over a hundred and something capsule, we got a 110 caps with the U.S. men's national team, one of the best left foots that you will see from a center back. A really good player and one of the original captain Americas. That is our number four. Now GM of Atlanta United Carlos bocanegra. He's number four. Number three. Josie

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