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Donald trump tweets martin john keith striding out this chris april morning to write his new party whose words with us was whether you probably was was resort yes enriches us very quickly bridge aaron keith seem you think there was a moment in the final act of mother that was absolutely lots of bryan we is not the messiah stuff messiah is this a spoiler none of them anyway correct junkie okay well done by those words i now declare officially old him so what fruit with ripeness to the core will you plucked from our dvd of the week oh shit what's all in good of movie goodness will marches john watts about raising dudes goods zoom yes which weighty and needy and pulsing and sweating with desire have you ever considered a career in audio books slightly so see erotic audio book she thanked persons of a certain age do you think a small amount might suggest idea my next one not african will john watson says there are two genuine masterworks getting released on blu ray the first is it leaked liu cheerful ching liu shipu chea seminal rural geology torture the duckling don't torture duckling from hundred seventy to one of the best films from 1970s italy the second is mary above his brilliant hara jelio kill baby killed and curse of the dead 1966 showcases yet again power superb use of color to create morbid atmosphere murray low the and not enough full chiam wintertime it for my liking so let's enjoyed don't torture duckling pole dougherty possibility we all know mark was going to need a little bit of shock treatment gimme gimme shock treatment to get him jumping like a real livewire will of course pick the newly restored blu ray release of richard o'brien's criminal underrated equal not sequel to rocky her picture doesn't pick this than his name isn't perch birch next leg.

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