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Hall of Famer here, but you know, there's some guy who's definitely a first ball Hall of Famer sitting in the dark. Gotta wait for him, he's out of the dark eye. He's into the light. Well, this is part of the conversation is back. Aaron Rodgers is making a decision. And apparently the jets were waiting for him to make his decision, but then and car now it's being said, it didn't like being plan B, that'd be a plan a. And yet we're also hearing at the same time he's going to the place where he always wanted to go, I don't know what to believe anymore. It's really amazing that I just came from this event where nobody tells the truth and it was presented by something called noble on NFL network. No bull. Irony not lost. There was a lot of bull there. Again, my top 5 rumors that I heard at the combine coming up don't miss it. So now what? Now now what? Rich you know what's gonna happen? No, stop it. Now what? I will tell you what I would like to happen. I will tell you what I would like to happen. What's that? I want the jets to get somebody that does not cost them a single draft choice. That's it. All of a sudden, the jets roster is being built. All of a sudden, the Jeff rosters got defensive rookie of the year, and offensive rookie of the year, and another guy who's coming back from an injury that could have been offensive rookie the year and made damn well be your favorite for comeback player of the year in 2023 and Bruce hall. And Elijah very Tucker's coming back and scarsi from northwestern who was the top offensive lineman on Daniel Jeremiah's draft board, his comp for him, height weight speed and all that is Elijah verac Tucker, the kid who's coming back for the jets. You got, you got stuff going on. I don't think they're ready just flip. A two or three, whatever it's going to cost to get Aaron Rodgers, and then the cap on top of it. It's not my money it's woody Johnson's money that apparently Rogers thinks is being put out there to cancel him because of woody Johnson's family is the Johnson of Johnson & Johnson fame of vaccine were world. Which is another thing that Rogers will bring to the equation that I don't think will play in New York. What will play in New York from Aaron Rodgers is first ballot Hall of Fame ability and a huge buzz that would hit on the spot and jets fans will be like here we go. And take all the far flashbacks and put it aside and say here we go with Aaron Rodgers. And can he come there and play like he did in his MVP caliber seasons and be coordinated by his guy Nathaniel Hackett damn straight he can? Damn straight he can, but then what? When he hits 41, then what? Well, Zach Wilson's ready? Okay. Turn Zach Wilson into the Jordan love of the situation? Okay. But I don't think the jets are in the business of flipping twos and threes and fours. They're just, they're not there yet. They're not like the rams to F all them picks. Sorry, kids. They're not here. You know, they're not built for that now. I saw so many talented kids running, jumping, moving, they are some really good players. Offensive lineman really good defensive backs, which everybody needs. Pass rushers, he's gonna forgo all that fire and Rodgers, and I know you're sitting and going rich. He's not a Rodgers. I get it. I've watched him. I was part of far watch. I watched Alan Rogers first game of significance in old Texas stadium. I've been around. I know of which I speak. When I'm sitting here saying, don't give up a two and a three and whatever. I don't think you're in the business of doing that. Go get Jimmy Jean. I said it. Go get it. Go, get him. He runs a system that Lafleur did run that I think Hackett can run. He doesn't cost you a draft choice. He's only there for what give him a three year deal, given that mid level quarterback deal, hopefully he would accept it and go to work with a guy who's played in a Super Bowl, played in multiple championship games, all you got to do is just tell him, hand it to breeze hall and don't throw an interception. Get it out quickly to Garrett Wilson. And don't throw an interception. Go. Let quinnen Williams and sauce and everybody else do the work. Solo knows this. And you might get who knows, you catch lightning in a bottle, he knows, by the way, you want to mess with the Patriots. I'll answer the question for jets fans. Yes, we do. Go in there with Jimmy G and beat them with Jimmy G twice a year. Do it. That's my thought process. If they get Aaron Rodgers, clearly I'm a fan. I'm on board. And then I'm

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