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Listeners today I'm visiting with Sandy Hill and talking about her five novel Sandy's written four historical novels three set in North Carolina and one in Pennsylvania and she has one gentle murder mystery deadline for death sentence. Charlotte San is a lifelong reader. Who Read Her First Short Story Tin Ten? She's fascinated with language having learned Braille Sign Language and most recently Spanish. She's a lifelong volunteer member of the Charlotte Writer's Club and many other organizations and is married very to a kindred spirit spirit. She says a novelist himself Sandy. Welcome to the show. Thank you so sandy. You've been at this writing thing A while you know Dennis your husband husband is going to be on this show to him about the fact that you've got Five books He's got to your three head. I'M GONNA keep that lead you. They will let him catch a lot to think about that about that. You've got another couple of books. You think. Plenty of other books in. I love to write. You love to tell stories right. Do you know you shared some information with me about your past which I found interesting or number levels first of all you are a very active person right. This is true. I I enjoy staying busy. Well you are skated until what age were about in my. Let's see I'd already met Dennis so I guess I was in my Late fifties maybe When I I quit you quit because You your children word you might fall on the frozen surfaces and yet you were involved in Talk Wando at the time to I was I was. I've always been an athletic person as well as someone a new likes to read so Dennis is owners PS and QS. Around you right. Talk Cuando and ice skating in August. Yeah right under my thumb insurance. Well you did you do lift weights You Walk Daily. You've done that for for many many years. You said you grew up skating waiting on frozen pause but you also said to me that you You grew up poor poor Pennsylvania and worked through school and And that somehow influenced deriding I think it has particularly influenced the blue car which is set in the mountains of North Carolina and deals with a a young girl age. Twelve who who is poor and It helped me To make that realistic and bonds have courage. I knew what it was like to To go out on the frozen morning with The new car. You're a knew what it was like to go out into a outdoor privy in summer with wasps or winter when you're freezing All those things helped me bring some sensory experiences. I think to those novels in particular and actually aww tangled threads is set at the turn of the nineteenth century. So it It helped me with that too. We're going to get under the covers with those books in just a moment But reading and writing and interesting languages something you've had most of your life right. This is true and still do. I mean you were writing stories at a young engage and You said you learn Braille sidelines and most recently Spanish. So we're we're give sandy languages fascinate. Let me They fascinate me on many levels. There are a challenge there an opportunity to connect with other people through learning Spanish. I've been able to connect with Some of the Hispanics in our community and in particular. I teach them English as a second language which helped people get their citizenship I learned Braille because I was at home not working with the baby and was bored but but I was able to use it to Braille a cookbook for young bride. They've all been very rewarding. And you're an editor at the Charlotte Observer for a number of years and a- As that helped your writing or is it somehow gets you. floss pecking pages as you as you start as you go along It's helped and hindered. It's helped because only once my whole writing career have I suffered from writer's block. It is hindered because my first drafts are incredibly short Yeah because that's what you learn in the newspaper business. Keep it tight and so I have to Learn I had to learn to let the story. Sorry breathe and to expand okay so before we dive under the covers just talking about book covers for second one of the books you're GonNa read from today. is bonds of courage and all that on that front cover. It looks like this could be a A river sort of set in the foothills. Maybe I don't know where would this be said. That is actually only the Susquehanna river into indepence near Towanda Pennsylvania. I'm from Towanda. Pennsylvania rivers are in almost all my novels for for some reason I grew up on a river An imbalance encourage One of the characters fleas downstream the Susquehanna and so that seemed like a fitting cover for. Okay you ready to get under the covers with me. Let's go let's go if you like. Our mission of helping authors give voice to their written words. 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I'd have to have a clues Things that would help me to Hangar structure my first novel And I also operating on right what you know of veered after that I said it in a mythical Charlotte newspaper mythical shown is as if there were a lot of shroud new service to choose from right. Well I have to say it'd be The physical layout is based exactly on the old Charlene Observer building but the characters are are different. And you say that in that book along the way that You know there's a quest to find to kill her but The person who searching must cope with family secret. That's been buried for years owners in a secret that threatens One of her important relationships. That's true I guess. Another theme perhaps APPS that runs through all of my books is secrets the effects of secrets on relationships both positive and negative. Okay so we started out with a with a body in chapter one awesome deadline for death. We've got to solve it and then you move to To a different kind of store I did. I think the next one I wrote was tangled threads. I went to the Museum of the New South and saw their exhibit from cotton fields. Skyscrapers and I was intrigued. By the whole Piedmont textile mill Story I started to do some research and the next thing I know I'd written tangled threads which is set in a like around little before nineteen hundred Piedmont cotton mill the village mythical again because I wanted to let my characters go down any street that I made up And it deals with the relationship between into Young Girls Ruth and Roseanne rather and Delia and various pass. It they take can. Life's something happens early on that Changes their relationship to one of Being enemies to each other Aw and then. Years later near the end of life The granddaughter comes and To deal you in a nursing home and tells sir she has to come back and confront her enemy and that is about making peace at the end of your life with things you did earlier and secrets you've got also Wanted to explore the relationship between old and young. There aren't as many books as I'd like with really older characters my character after was eighty years old And so that was something else that interests me in that book in your one. One of the Young girls escapes the mill and other Remains behind and you say timing on their lives sort of intertwined and sometimes unexpected and painful ways even fail you say And after returning under their childhood home and they're stunned to find out of that. Some of these secrets you say that have been hidden right. That's right okay. And then you got.

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