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Rob is he's such an interesting person in the episode really showed me a whole new side of him it it felt like even some ways more than the gary v inner chuck episode where i think we saw different side of gary this is like this is like the guy behind the guy you know rob has is his persona which is like i mean he's real he's exactly the same way in real life as you would expect him to be but he has these depths and layer yet came out in the interview which i loved it and i had gotten a hint to some of that from drama yeah and drama sleight did i'm telling you this guy is hard fucking core yeah and so you have super and to get him on the show he did not disappoint when you see somebody succeeded that level though like it at some point is funny when i met gerry gary actually said yet when you hit a certain level of success it it isn't luck yeah and that's how i felt when i met rob it's like even though like his persona is the ridiculousness over the top it's like you have to know there's something going on for him to of had as many successul shows is the has who have launched as many gun he's gone from skate border to professional entrepreneur i mean just unbelievable then repeated success to really gives it away i wanna start there actually so i i loved the juxtaposition of he has a show ridiculousness and then he comes in and there's a good five to ten minutes of the interview he's just going deep into business principles and tactics and so i was really blown away by his business acumen and i wanna know like beforehand did you know how deep he could go on that kind of stuff now i at at the asked i had a guess just from looking at the level of success it's like okay clearly he knows something also watching fantasy factory to be honest you would see occasional glimpses where he would be showing a business meeting or something in need realize okay like he actually understands what he's doing this isn't on him just mugging for the camera but at no until i started researching him all say that until acer researching him i didn't realize just how paul.

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