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That's w t o p dot com Search Charity's good to have you with US w T o P at 4 28 traffic and weather on the eighth Conway in the traffic Center, Michael Start off in Virginia on the Beltway. Nothing reported in the roadway as far as Incidents are concerned It's volume delays on the Internet going north. As you leave Tysons Corner heading toward the Legion bridge, 66 flowing both ways between the street in the capital Beltway. No incidents currently reported blocking if you're on route 28, so you were allowed to county heading into Fairfax County sat down 28 approaching old Ox road after Sterling Boulevard. The crash is blocking the two right lanes. We actually found it in camera. But thanks to the listener for giving us the tip on that we're watching traffic getting by under police direction, staying to the left. On the 95 corridor. North bound delays out of Spotsylvania heading through Fredericksburg towards Stafford sat down slowing as you make your way from the Lord and toward the coin. It's jammed its volume both ways. Easy Pass things run north on 95 3 95. Driving on the capital Beltway in Maryland. No reports of any major issues behind delays. You'd expect both loops near FedEx Field with the game over 50 westbound across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge he's found also in good shape may be brief delay westbound on 50 approaching route to its volume of the reporter blocking their Baltimore Park. We delay sat down, approaching about 30 to 35 slows, briefly leaving to 16 heading toward the rest area. On the I 70 trip westbound. There was earlier police activity or 15 and 3 40. That's been clear, reported the crash on Route 27 Ridge Road north of Route 80 much for response. Your alternate both ways are brought to you by crop Metcalf for solutions to your plumbing problems. Contact the five star plumbing experts across Metcalf 800 good crop. A good crop. Medcalf dot com I'm John Conway, wtsp traffic and a storm team for meteorologists. Samara Theodore much going on this week. Happy to say we're actually gonna see a lot of dried thyme and quiet time. Sunny skies.

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