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Half inches if that's true if that's official I should say then that would make it a world record Hey griz walled world record for boulder well you're really slick on the west side of town to see four seventy a you've got a crash westbound over Morrison wrote it is tough up toward boulder out on the west side Lake wouldn't end up into the foothills we've got a number of actions coming down I. seventy in two eighty five your driver heading into boulder was found thirty six McCaslin left lane blocked by a crash northbound I. twenty five has been really tough up in the fort Collins Loveland Longmont area you've got to ramp closed northbound I. twenty five to Broadway because of an accident which is getting into downtown the stuff nor been I. twenty five at Broadway down here you've got an accident down in the metro area that's blocking the left side of the highway eastbound I. seventy to seventy it's bad two hundred thirty seventh in Riverdale you've got an accident southbound I. twenty five approaching a hundred and twenty if there's an accident they're getting and to the Westminster area you're driving down toward the south side and east side not as much snow but can't rule out a slick spot so watch yourself this morning and if you see a traffic problem or get stuck in a backup call traffic tip line let us know just dial pound two fifty say Denver traffic this report is sponsored by liberty mutual insurance where you only pay for what you need nobody should have to pay for one size fits all insurance coverage liberty mutual customize your coverage so you only pay for what you need customize your coverage with liberty mutual insurance next update and ten minutes on gateway newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one FM so the folks at Roy Rogers restaurants suggest you try the brisket burger mail it's a juicy role Rogers cheese burger with grilled onions Smithfield.

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