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The 8th. Everything you need every time you listen. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. 5 45 we're going to Steve drenner. Got a good one down in Dallas about three 41 left to go until halftime giants holding on to it ten to 7 lead, however, dak Prescott and the cowboys currently driving down the field dak Prescott ten for 15 thus far 116 yards with one interception. San Juan Barclay scored the giants touchdown, is the first giant to score an offensive touchdown on Thanksgiving since Dale Burnett did it 84 years ago today. We all remember then. Earlier today, bill's kicker Tyler vas nailed a 45 yard game winning field goal just two seconds left in regulation, buffalo down the lines 28 to 25 bills stay atop the AFC east at 8 and three coming up later on tonight just after 8 o'clock 6 and four New England will take on 8 and two Minnesota. High school football election from earlier today at the annual D.C. turkey bowl was Roosevelt coming up with their second straight title victory with a 26 to 18 win over Dunbar. World Cup saw correction Team USA returning to action to bore him looking for their first Windows square off against England that'll be a 2 o'clock kick today. Switzerland chill out Cameroon one zero or gui in South Korea played to a nil nil tie. Portugal over Ghana three two and Brazil dead Serbia to nils. Steve dresner, WTO sport. Top stories were following for you tonight on WTO P, a 15 year old boy was shot in the leg in northeast D.C. this afternoon. He's expected to survive

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