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The big ten basketball men's basketball tournament being contested at madison square garden in new york city which makes no sense to me there's one team that the big ten has in the new york area it's not it's in new jersey it's rutgers and yet they felt the need to be dick there were compelled to go play at madison square garden which i'm sure is causing of a fortune one the new box arena be a great venue for the big ten basketball tournament over the next few years at some point i would think that the that that would be awfully off the wise anyway the badgers played today and they did they beat maryland badges of the ninth seed maryland the eighth seed maryland losing to wisconsin fifty nine fifty force of the badgers i'll get the privilege now of playing top ranked michigan state topseeded michigan state i tomorrow and i believe that game tips off at eleven o'clock so og tune into the pregame what is the pregame started to okay why scott 10 than ten am so ten o'clock tomorrow pregame iwk why the big 920 are the big 920 a dot com all right earlier this week i s the immigration people conducted raids in the bay area of northern california targetting mostly illegal immigrants who have already been convicted of crimes or illegal immigrants who have had previous deportations in some cases multiple previous deportations in the end over one hundred and fifty individuals were apprehended that number might have been even higher except that old wounds maher a woman by the name of libya shaft she is an uber uber uber uber uber liberal she makes nancy pelosi look like ronald reagan nancy pelosi from for across the bay there in san francisco liby shaft the mirror of oakland pull the stunt where she revealed online that ice was going to conduct these raids she posted on twitter what was in essence a heads up to illegal immigrants she reminded those illegals where they could go worthy ice officers would have a tough or if not impossible time apprehending them schools were one such sanctuary because there are a lot of rules with regard to who could be apprehended in a california public school she reminded the illegals that the oakland police force was verb boten from assisting in uh in any sort of a raid on illegal immigrants and she also noted.

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