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I'm Vanessa Richardson. You're listening to tales apar- cast original every other Saturday we dive into the dark origins of another fairytale you can find all episodes of tales and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream tales for free on spotify just open the APP tap browse and type tales in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network and if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you're listening it really does help you can find and more episodes of tales as well as all of our casts other shows on spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts today were telling the story of the ant ant and the grasshopper one of e SOPs fables a series of succinct morality plays from the sixth century. BC Today's episode follows was the original Greek version but since these fables are only a few hundred words long we've incorporated elements from various adaptations to flesh out the the story details on this podcast are dark sometimes scary and full of adult themes as a warning the original story of the ant and the grasshopper features depictions of starvation violence and disturbing imagery involving insects please exercise caution for children under thirteen thirteen.

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