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Brown. Pacifica. This is democracy. Now, the commission has found reasonable grounds to believe that the security forces committed serious violations of human rights, and international humanitarian law. United Nations increa- has found Isreaeli forces may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by targeting unarmed protesters and Gaza last year when Israeli forces killed at least one hundred eighty three people and injured over twenty three thousand during weekly protests loosing Vinton shisha children giving ten she should be disabilities leaving ten she should journalists. Knowing them to be children people in Jan listed. Some of the not one of the children of visit me children baths, but many of them we'll speak with Sara Hussain who helped conduct the U N inquiry and Norman Finkelstein author of Gaza an inquest into its martyrdom then and undocumented immigrants detained in Florida. Just weeks after he appeared in claim film at the Sundance film festival about activists infiltrating for profit immigrant. Attention jails is this a form of retaliation. We looked at the stunning new film, the infiltrators with the film's director and two activists who portray themselves in the documentary narrative hybrid film. Every little tiny bit of his actual very plan to use the system against itself in a way that other folks can replicate and that will for me personally, I think this project, and this film and everything can really be a flair for a lot of folks who may lack the clear tip creativity to energy or to know that we can do more than sort of resist right now all that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org. The Warren peace report, I may me Goodman, House Judiciary chair Jerrold Nadler is expected to request documents from over sixty people in groups tied to President Trump and his businesses today as committee investigates potential, obstruction of Justice and other crimes by the president and his allies congressional probes will look into some of Trump's closest business partners, including Alan Weisselberg, the CFO at the Trump organization. Trump son, Donald Trump junior as well as the Justice department. This is congressman ABC this week is very clear that the prison Josephus is very clear eleven hundred times you referred to the investigation as a witch each. Fired. He tried to protect Flynn from being investigated by the by the FBI fired Komi in order to stop the Russian thing is he told NBC news, Nadler's statements, come as other democratic committees have also indicated they're investigating Trump on multiple fronts house oversight chair Elijah Cummings said last week. He would like to question why baragan Trump's children as well. On the House Ways and means committee is reportedly planning to request Trump's pass tax returns. Meanwhile, Trump spoke for over two hours at CPAC that conservative political action conference and national harbor Maryland Saturday railing against Muller's investigation into his two thousand sixteen campaign. He said, quote, you put the wrong people in a couple of positions, and they leave people for a long time that shouldn't be there. And all of a sudden they're trying to take you out with bull. He used the word Kentucky Senator rand Paul has indicated he would vote in. Favor of a measure blocking Trump's emergency declaration which seeks to divert billions of federal dollars to build a wall on the US Mexico border last week, Republican senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Thom Tillis said they'll join their democratic colleagues and favor of the Bill Paul's vote would provide the Senate with the one vote majority needed in order to pass the resolution lawmakers in the house passed resolution last week blocking Trump's national emergency, however night that the house or the Senate have enough votes at this point to override a presidential veto, which Trump has vowed to use a group of twenty nine Central American parents have entered the US at its border with Mexico Saturday and are now being processed by immigration officials after the group demand opportunity be reunited with their children who are in the United States, the parents who come from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador were separated from their children last year because of the Trump administration's family separation policy and then deported back to their home countries. The families are asking to be real. United and for their asylum claims to be reconsidered, the parents were company by religious leaders, and immigrant rights groups who are providing them with legal services. This is one of the parents in the group from Honduras with my son is at a detention center in Texas..

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