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Three Super Mario Zimmer four four or five mercy's number six mazed number seven and so on and so forth and there's quite a bit of overwatch characters in this lineup which is very very interesting. Gamers are very very interesting. Just going to say that it's interesting what we will do to feel good about ourselves. I guess is the best way of saying it if you really do that. If you don't just play games probably the best way of doing it instead of switching on and off between player Games in doing what you need to do. I'm trying to make this as clean as possible. It's really hard. Not Say something. They probably shouldn't have said now. Moving onto the reasons. Why do not watch game awards or that game team? Awards are pointless because they really are game awards award shows in general as the most pointless thing I've ever seen it just really pound the back for every game developer every producer. You Sir every actor. I'm just going with the guy. Moore's lumping them together. It's just a pointless thing. People get upset because Oh mine wasn't the game of the year her. Here's the thing if you enjoy the game if you like Pie in the game and it's the game of the year for you. Who cares what everybody else thinks? The game awards was just pointless thing. Here's one reason. Listen to him. The developers aside. Hey you know what instead of just thinking everybody for us for buying are such great game. Let's encourage people to read the Communist. Ns Manifesto because of. That's always a good idea. Here's the thing greatest. Please stay out of political ideologies especially you developers the ones that decide that Marx Engels actually really a good thing to actually talk about it. Because I could just send you over article that says that communism is killed one hundred million people one hundred years. That's one million people every year. It's really not the best thing to say. Hey you should really read this book because it's GonNa Change Your Life or kill you because mostly I just kill you. I really don't understand why politics has to be in place with his. I really don't understand. Why can't you just enjoy my game and or game awards every time? There's an award show. Something stupid. must come out of their mouths and is basically stupid fit. This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Thank you for education. Please read the Communist manifesto let me sum of. Communism is a ideology about idealism. That's it that's all idealistic. Realistic has no bearing in reality. There's no way ever GonNa work because what it does. Is it says that humans are not depraved or bad. They're are all good and they're just looking for a better system. No it's wrong. The reason why capitalism works so well is because it takes those human properties and says. Hey look we're going to use that for our our favor or for your encouragement to make something severe embellishes. We're going to channel that and Bishen instead communism's like well your little to embarrass their won't we're going to take most of your stuff and just give you enough to survive and famine happens home. Sorry GonNa Starve if we don't like you because you think a certain way or ascribed to a sern ideology we're just going to send you into Gulag and or political prison and kill you eventually. That's how it works because it basically says that one person can be the supreme leader later that is all knowing all powerful and all good and make decisions for everybody else. This is why Soviet Union failed. This is why as Walea the most recent one has failed utterly because they can't every time you put a few people in charge regardless it's always going to be corrupt. It's always gonNA be backed them saying I can get what I mean and screw everybody else you die. Hi That's not my fault. That's my problem. They may have made a great game. I will not say anything about this but the irony is that they are saying should definitely read communist manifesto because it's the best political structure ever even though he made this game in Very Cup Listrik Society and we've actually gotten a pretty good high praise and a lot of money for what we're doing but no capitalism capitalism is not great because don't listen to us even though we actually made it listen to all the other billionaires that are telling us that it's actually not good rich people. We'll tell you that a political ideology is better than the other one because the other one also to control things and capitalism doesn't really allow them to do that. They're kind of beholden to the customer. It's very interesting. How one is different from the other and how always the rich people always liked the one? That's controls the most controlling thing they like to have control and people that read the Communist Manifesto and actually think it's a good book need to have their head checked because it's a travesty. And it's pretty freaking hilarious at the same time. It's not good it's not feasible it never. We'll be because takes the wrong premise. All the time Marx was the biggest China. Hypocritic I've ever seen because he was a rich person saying how the poor people need to rise up. I don't understand understand. It's the funniest thing because every time is saying the poor people need to rise up and it's like wave you. Why why are you saying that? Why are you dictating what I can and can't do why why? Why and so? That's what it is. It's basically always virtue signal and going look how great I am. I WanNa reward pat myself on the back. Look I'm part of the cool club club instead of going. You know what making successful game is reward enough because we made came to. Actually everybody likes. We need an award. We don't need a pat on the back. We don't need a participation trophy. I usually call all those award shows participation trophies. Because that's what they really. Are you participate in this award. Show yesterday is a trophy. Yea Okay I don't care besides that you're saying well I don't see the game trailers to come out the next day anyways so your misery much. Here's GonNa miss a a platitudes in the how great we are and Ho- thank you for the fans which they could say anytime anywhere on social media. It's just a very derry. It's it's really weird it's really just don't get it. I still watch them. That's IT I don't watch them because they're pointless are no good. They're pointless if no point in my life they do not make my life any better. Don't make my life any worse. They're just time suck for about an hour or two and yes you can see the latest games that are gonNA come out but seriously you can wait a few hours or the next day and see the same thing that you could that you've missed when you didn't watch the game award show or whatever else so my thing to you is don't watch these games. Make sure that we let them know that you know what we don't WanNa hear your political ideologies. He's we just want to hear. Great Games was WANNA hear. Thank you to the fans and we hope to make a better game than we did before. That's all we really WANNA hear. We don't want to hear anything else about coach. How great communism is or whatever harebrained idea scheme? You have to perpetuate a really dumb ideology that kills a whole bunch of people full I e communism. I mean what's next actually going to support fascism. I mean it's just the most insane thing I've ever heard of. The twenty part is fun fact. That stolen actually killed more people than Hitler did so. I don't really understand why people were really saying this is great. You should really do this. Also please always think for yourself herself. That's what I always say. If you don't believe what I say that's completely fine. I want you to be smart. Be Smart and think for yourself you can listen to me and you can go research it yourself encourage you to do that. Please always do that. Also like in subscribed to the channel because it always helps me and if you feel so inclined please convenient coffee a by me. Coffee really liked coffee. I cannot go with. But what is your opinion on game awards are they good are they bad are they. I just waste of time that I think Lebanon the comments below and as always you're tuning into digital coffee and next week I will for sure have a top. Ten of my game. Says it's almost two thousand nineteen twenties coming around and have my top ten of what games I think are the best in two thousand nineteen because coming soon and twenty two thousand twenty. NBA Interesting Year for gaming. anyways guys hope you enjoy your holidays. Join me next Friday after the holidays or after Christmas I should say when I go through the latest Gaming News. I've your house spread Deisler and have a good weekend. See you next week. That happy holidays guys..

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