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Will will have seventeen girls in his life talking about this on the very first episode stay fresh yes i actually totally forgot you at said that for about two that's when we lived in canoga park that's like five places go why seventeen what was what was the point here we understood context i kind of remember it i don't even know if this was daring we'll have a good time or if this is and we'll have a good time was this yeah i totally forgot you whatever said that why seventeen i think maybe it was like a fucking how i met your mother thing it was i think maybe like at that point you had spoke to maybe four girls i was just like by the time this motherfucker has seventeen that's when he's in a marry i still talking about this i still think that you're going to find a relationship you know you've been in a relationship now but i feel like you're gonna find a relationship and you're gonna marry that person you're not a guy who i think is going to date around for a long time yeah this is terrible this life is terrible i think you're gonna find someone and you're gonna marry that i agree i think being a single person is terrible life five twenty four twenty four like you'll be married by twenty dating women and like doing this shit is like no fun at all like i'm i can give someone a very great commitment someone once i we get to the age where women are like where are these husband motherfuckers that mold guests been around high yeah but as it is being a twenty four year old like oh tender like absolutely not is just is no fun getting married by twenty seven i don't think i will get married young though i think it's going to be like this for a while you think so yeah i have to like forty because i don't know win but when you look at it like i expect myself to live a long time i honestly do think i will because i think the life is such a fucking chore and what a great way for me to experience that then living along fucking time right and if i look at my life in that perspective if i got married at early like i will spend the rest of my life with people like if i have a kid now that kid i mean hopefully if he lives i hope i can get him to live a long time but like i'll have a wife and kids and like all that shit you know you you spend the rest of your life with people like how much of your life will you actually get to be with you and you know once you have a family you will hopefully get to be with them forever that's the hope but how much time did you get to spend with you right asked grueling as it is fucking love being with me like i i've gotten to spend a lot of time alone and i think a lot more people should spend more time with themself yeah i believe in a future where you can get a certain age and go be on your own and figure out what you wanna live what if you got married in your wife she brought up the idea and she was like what if we still have different apartments i'm down i'm down into that and like never move into each other's yeah it'd be cool to have two houses negga american author that yeah do that i think i just re require a lot of personal space i don't think tradition as much as i love other women like i also require a lot of personal space yeah i don't think traditions are necessary i don't think so either some of their maybe a few that are fine still you know what i mean christmas is pretty cool that's a tradition i guess it's a holiday but like how come the idea is like once we get married all right now we gotta move in and let's think about having a kid i mean again that's very like generic and not everyone does that but when people look at marriage that's always the next question or it's what's going to happen though i'm man i'm trying to keep my sperm to myself yeah did you tell you who i saw yesterday i saw seuss yeah he's married now he is the same in every other way yeah married you told me that i brought frazier.

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