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Fall asleep naturally and wake with no next day grogginess Zeke will pure Z's naturally superior sleep. Kevin Brennan. WBC's traffic on the threes as we sleep tonight, more snow could fall after getting hit pretty hard. Late yesterday into this morning. Another round of some snow showers heavier ones. Possible for tonight in between some Sprinkles or flurries this afternoon. We'll get up in the mid upper thirties that snow tonight into tomorrow morning coastal areas. City area's main get a coating. No intention of some slick spots will keep an eye on that. In the cold air, Really dimes in Friday's temperature's going to stay in the teens and twenties. Real fields are going to be below zero much of that day, and we're watching the storm late Sunday into Monday here in Boston, I thank you with meteorologist seen before WBZ Boston's news radio. Remember the January Thaw? Boy seems like a long time ago. Right now, though, we are warm enough to see that snow turn over to rein in the last hot spots of the precipitation, which was Cape Cod. You might be seeing a raindrop or two along the beach. Otherwise, it looks like the snow has moved on. And guess what The sun is actually glimmering behind the clouds in Boston, Boston getting more than 3.5 inches of snow, some of you nearly getting six inches of snow and speaking of the weather and, of course, the pandemic whether and pandemic. Permitting. The Boston Marathon will run this year on October 11th WBC's Chris Palmer reports. Selecting a date was no easy task. We had to work with cities and towns, state officials and public health officials in order to find a day that could work. And while the 11th is a holiday weekend, and the weather conditions appear conducive, be a CEO Tom Group knows there are some drawbacks that will call one goes after the Chicago No. But the only way we can All right, so the field may be smaller with fewer elite runners. But should the starter's pistol fire he's assured. One element of the marathon will remain unchanged. Crowd of Spectators have been part of the magical and all the way back to 18 97. We need this to be a safe for them as it is the runner Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's.

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