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Allen. They bring in a bunch of guys to bolster that offensive line fine. I mentioned this also in the offseason podcast back in may the bills offense kind of changed its receiver group in the type of pass catcher at hat on the roster they he knew going in like alan had accuracy issues so they're trying to get him like these big large receivers with massive. Catch radius is like calvin. Benjamin kelvin benjamin posted hosted the lowest separation rate of any receiver in the n._f._l. So just didn't happen right. Allen only completes fifty two percent of his passes so this year they go out. They get better route. Runners guys who create more separation hopes that like alan is able to get these guys in nc that they're open kind of play within the offense. I'm the offensive line last year. They were thirtieth in run blocking <hes> twenty-third in pass protection. Mitch moore is a massive. I get i know mahomes he was he hated that. The chiefs didn't resign mitch. Moore's <hes> you draft cody ford from oklahoma. He should be a day one starter tying nici. He flashed last year interesting. Dude in washington played left tackle when he was out there. He was pretty damn good. He's an older dude really hasn't had a chance to start. I don't know if he's gonna be able to make it through the entire season but he certainly upgrade the bills dell's go from one of the five toughest schedules faced to one that we project in the bottom half of the n._f._l. So maybe that helps us offense as well yeah yeah i mean you look at some of the offensive numbers there you talked about how much they struggle in. Josh allens first season but it puts some of that in perspective. This is a team that finished thirtieth and total yards thirty first and passing yards twentieth touchdowns thirty first interceptions in thirtieth in points they had games last season pain where they scored three zero five five six and nine points ten games where they failed to hit two hundred yards passing and had six games where they failed to run for one hundred yards not exactly a ringing endorsement for all things offensive. They're not gonna make people forget james lofton jim kelly thurman thomas in some of the proud buffalo bills. We look no go ahead and so we look on the defensive side. I mean clearly this was the strength of the football team number two in total defense number one in past events but as we mentioned before they couldn't get pressure and while they bring back a lion share of the production..

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