Bishop Boma Topi, Groupon discussed on The Steve Harvey Morning Show


Don't miss out on the best gifts of the season. Act now groupon. What's something you feel like you constantly constantly have to explain to people something costly costly? Lane to people. True for us. I want you to lie thing did on trying to get past is my lifestyle. Oh. Claiming that I can't tell you. How many why y'all do that? You know, you could have is to this people over here that ain't got nothing in y'all spending this money on that time dealing with that give you have a founded doesn't matter. It doesn't mean you can't give enough to people. That's true. Give in to you ain't got. No mo. And then they just move onto a layer, sir. Yeah. I get tired of explaining myself. I'm through I'm through doing that. And you to us. Very generous, very generous. Yes. Thank you. Bishop Boma topi-. For those who love, you know, explanation coach for those who hate, you know, explanation acceptable. When we ask you, see. I mean, we ask you a lot of stuff, but we worked together, and we just want to know exposures every. The blessings come down slow down. You got a question. I do I do. Okay. So listen to this seat you wake up, and you see you have texts from multiple family member. Text messages, a multiple family and friends now half of the messages, say go outside the other half of the message just say stay inside. What do you do? Half of the messages, say stay inside. And the other half say go outside family, stay inside from family and friends. You got a whole bunch of text messages. Control most what's happening.

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