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In two thousand eleven I went to Undergrad at Creighton and stayed in and Swanson Hall and almost went to Creighton and following dental school. Jason completed a one year eighty at UCLA in Westwood California in two thousand twelve. Dr Genta moved to Chicago from UCLA TO CHICAGO. Were you drinking. Were you lost. How do you go for more? La Later Chicago on purpose where he joined decision. One dental partners. Who at the time was a group practice with four locations decision? One is now grown to fifty fifty plus dentists and thirty one locations in Illinois and Wisconsin since two thousand sixteen he has served as vice president of clinical affairs for the group and plays an active role in Dr Recruiting Training Mentorship new practice acquisitions and mergers Dr Genta is passionate about the success of the young doctors and teaches a course is titled Life After Dental School at multiple schools across the country. Who the reason the real reason I brought him on shows? I'm trying to get him to put that as an online online. Ce Course on dental town. Because I think it's imperative I actually had your Boss your founder and owner Doctor Allen. ACL A sierra no he was on dentistry and centered episode nine. Oh six and you know what I really liked about. You know when people say this is a dentist I own. DSO that starts to dentistry and ends identity. This is about clinical dentistry. Isn't it. Yeah that's that's really And what what attracted me to our group. And that's why I've stayed with the group and and passionate about a our growth in our future. So thank you very much for having me on. It's an honor I know you talk about a people. Listen to you as their commuting and there are new Grad. That was me in twenty twelve. And I've listened to you on my commute to work everyday sense. It's you know. Life's about continue annual e learning. And you offer that with with your podcast on a daily basis. So it's an honor to be on here. Well it's an honor that Steve Jobs figured you're down to get that Internet stuck in my Motorola flip phone. I never saw that coming and I think when he IBM technically the first smartphone. But jobs obviously one who pulled it off like an orchestra and I just saw that and I thought Oh my God You can get someone like you to come on. But you're never going to go to Salina Kansas and talk to their study club. And you're and you're not gonna go to childrens taxes let alone Katmandu Nepal and what I love about. What jobs did as he's now making making knowledge zero cost? I mean anybody in the world can log onto their new radio which is a podcast with a new TV which is Youtube and watch guys like you. And so. So I'M GONNA I'M GONNA cut right to the chase. Is Dentistry censored the American Association of Dental Education. They always put out What what I consider just propaganda and I wish they would stop? They say things like well. The average general student comes out with two hundred and eighty nine thousand dollars to loan does not no no no quit lying. Twenty percent of those dental students or Dads moms paid for dental school. So why are you averaging down the median number and then another five. Ten percents military grants or scholarships. When you just look at the people because they don't want to tell you the truth that they've taken their I completely off cost and now Donald Schools one hundred two thousand dollars a year so Jason? They're coming out of school. Four hundred thousand dollars in debt and they're scared to death and I like about you. Is You guys a bottle. A lot of practice so if they want to come out of school by practice been there done that is they. Sit there and say you know what I got too much debt to go. Buy a practice. I'm going to pay down some debt. I'm GONNA work for a DSL but they hear that there's good ones bad ones. I mean I could ask you a one hundred fifty questions but I want to start with the. I'M GONNA start with the dental school graduates. She just got out of dental school. She's four hundred thousand dollars in debt and she's scared and she doesn't know if she wants to go by the average dental office cost seven hundred and fifty thousand. Do you think she should go out of school. Four hundred thousand bat bar another seven fifty and wake up Tuesday a million three in debt. You're starting out with the tough questions like you know there's no cookie cutter or right answer with that question. It all comes down to the individual. Really you know what they want. Do they want to be an entrepreneur or do they want to just really focus on on on clinical work and being a dentist. You know as dental school's hard and it's expensive and unfortunately the curriculum regula rigorous that. They're not really getting the opportunity to think about questions like that until they get past boards. You know you always hear oh I gotta get it through school and then I gotta finish boards and then all of a sudden it's march and you get these individuals looking for a job and unfortunately the I'd I'm not sure that they've even started to think about some of those financial questions Four hundred thousand dollars is a lot of debt. Were seen that. It's a lot of our Doctors that were hiring and recruiting and The the group space is offering those people who just want to practice dentistry the opportunity to come out and to make very good living but if someone's entrepreneurial and they wanna own their own practice and the enjoy the business side of it I I still think it's okay to take on that huge debt burden and have their own practice but you gotta think through. It can't be just this decision you make on the fly. You have to really know so that you want to be not just a dentist but you want to be an entrepreneur you WanNa do accounting on a do payroll. Hr All all those type of things is what being an owner of a dental practice entails. But you know she. She hears things that I can't go work for a DEA. So because they'll have some office manager is not in a dentist. Say Hey thirty percent. New Patients have route planning does and and every repack it that's over five millimeters deep house to have a perio chip because there's a insurance code for that and and they think that they went to school eight years of being a a dentist and now the new dentist is an office manager who never went to one day dental school. Do you hear that in Chicago. Land Area Oh yeah and in I mean as someone who was in their shoes you know back in two thousand twelve. I kind of thought that way. Also I I didn't Tony Better I think the thing about group practices is they're all different and just as you would vet an office that you're going to buy in the private practice realm you should vet the groups that you're talking to As you alluded to in the beginning and you know our group was started by dentists both of whom still practice I myself am identified and what we say the two Denison. This is the to do. I say that right now. Yeah Dr Mike and AJ acernote and which ones the older brother Dr. Mike is the older brother so so. That's always the better. The mom always likes the older one I would you. Would you agree with that. He would be quick to tell you that he is the federal looking. Better dantesque ask. I'll let those to really be the older brother. If that's what he said that Mike is the older better looking more handsome brother. He's mom's uh-huh favorite and then his little brother is. Aj what was it about Aj that could attract and retain you from Hollywood. To The frozen Rosen Tundra of Chicago land where even the woolly mammoth left. So I grew up down stayed in Central Illinois Surfing. Am I just north of Effingham. The map tune Charleston area so You know I might families from the Midwest Midwest S. person at heart. I did my Undergrad in Saint Louis I then was in Omaha. I'll be honest Los Angeles is beautiful. Santa Monica's gorgeous But I'm a midwest person I wanted to be closer to my family. I Love Chicago and and I'm glad to be be here. But what what attracted me to our group and specifically to doctors age. Mike was the fact that they were dentist. US and I could tell that the dentistry was the most important thing to them. You know what we teach our doctors and what we really tried try to harp on is if you're really patient focused patient centric and you're doing the standard of care. The rest of it will follow. You know the the business will figure itself out if you're doing the right thing for the patient and That's not always always the case in some of these. DSO's is a some of them are very very profit-driven like like I remember one of the so Arizona's ground zero for DSO's. I'm eighteen point six percent of all the Dennis work for DSO and when you look at the full distribution five states have one percent word eighteen point six. But I remember one of the first ever met. It was twenty years ago and I went in there and I said why are you taking Pano Bite Wings. Upper on every single kid that walks in here at any age and Oh insurance pays for it a hundred percent said so. You're going to take a pano on a baby. I know diagnostic reason because I mean and so so so mike at the the brothers. You know if you're not gonNA in a treat your patient with respect and the you have no respect for yourself and if you're gonNA build a team I mean I posted this yesterday. I'm going to get word dry because I don't WanNa say I don't Wanna I don't WanNa chop up my words I said this The most important function of every dental leader is to attract attract and retain the most talented individuals. They can find join the team and endlessly toil towards a shared vision of how reputable dental office can be organized to provide provide dentistry. That shows respect for your patience your team when yourself and you know what when you're doing crap dentistry you don't even have respect for yourself if you know if if you can't do dentistry on that pay that two year old is if that was your granddaughter your Knees Your Mom's sister When once you can't can't tell the truth and treat other people like you would wanna be treated and you've lost all respect for yourself? Dot was a very eloquent way of describing the dental industry and As a group you know from the top down we have to really work hard to attract and retain our doctors. Our office managers are assistance. Are High.

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