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I 'cause I, I don't have an answer, but I just expand because this is. I think we're maybe forgetting a little bit about Frank Bandon Brooke, who, who am I wanna get to my point here? But yet, you know, pobably one of the biggest talents that the sport of cycling has ever seen at a young age. The kid could do everything he could he could type. He was the position of well in the peleton at great instinct in the race but is soon as he was recognized in that country. And we're already seen it again with this other young Belgian Remco event. Opole is soon as they that country, cage, keep in mind. So you have this icon, the greatest cycles of all time in Eddy Merckx from very small country. And then you have this years or decades of, of avoid is soon as you get Vandenbroucke or a this, this young kid Venable come along, the first thing they say they said it about Vandenbroucke is this is the next Eddie Merck's in. It's actually it's actually. It's the worst thing that you can say about a kid he may be the next day Merck's. But if that kid isn't prepared mentally emotionally in, in socially, Dipa, come the next Merck's then, unfortunately. And may he rest in peace. We saw the outcome with Frank Vandenbroucke that is way too much pressure for a small country to put on a young kid. Right. And so, again, you may be the next marks but let's call it something else, or it's just not fair. And so I would argue that that has something to do with it as well. Yeah, I agree. I agree. I have, you know, I have nothing to add add to that, but one hundred percent agree with that with other novels arch and one last question. Hey guys loving the coverage of the Jiro. My question is, do you think that there will ever be the possibility of adding a fourth grand tour in the Americas? I think three week tour of America's could garner lot of interest for new and current cycling fans year when thoughts, that's from. The party pooper. But that's, that's not gonna happen..

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