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Welcome to Christ is the cure with Nick Campbell. Here. We bring you theology apologetic and a resource for growth on the basis of scripture alone said back and enjoy today's episode. Hey, we'll welcome back to the show. Zep so seventy eight and I had a good time in Houston with family and at the conference so right off the bat. A big thanks to grace family church. My mother and I walked in and everyone was extremely friendly. And I felt kind of bad because I was kinda tired from the trip and stuff like that his short trip, but we stayed a boy talking and stuff like that the night before. But they were extremely friendly. Their hospitality was amazing fellowship was awesome. How how how much of a family? They were. I enjoyed the worship to it was a great great place to be his so grace family church, and I'll link them in the description for this episode. So you can check them out if you're in the Houston area, and that is in parallel and Texas, so they hosted Jason law from the biblical Science Institute in which did a presentation on understanding Genesis on astronomy reveals creation and then ultimate proof of creation, and we had to take off before the CUNY started because of time in terms of getting home and things like that. So it was really great Jason Lisle is intelligent beyond Mike capacities. There's a couple of parts or honestly, he went above my head. Of course. I don't think in the same. That's not my area of expertise at all. If I if I can even say, I have an area of expertise. But yeah, he did his presentation on understanding Genesis and Jason law that a great job at discovering that in fact, his presentation on strana me, reveals creation was absolutely awesome. Just for the sake of how big vast spaces. It's just an awesome thing. So with that I highly recommend you go to his pages. And check out the biblical Science Institute. It was a pleasure. I got to shake hands with him. I was gonna I was going to actually talk to mention the show and say, hey, you know, if you ever want to have a show or platform, let me know, and I'll get you on there. But he looked really tired, and I felt bad. So I was just like, hey, could could you sign my book. And yeah, he's really sweet about it. And he was like, yeah. Say oh, yeah. You're the first person near my first autograph book because I I don't have any assigned books by anyone. I'm usually I'm kind of slow to approach people because I am introverted, and I feel I feel awkward around people that I respect really deeply. And so there was kind of that. And when. Ever. And I was like, oh, yeah. My wife took these awesome pictures telescope of the moon during the cliffs things. Oh, yeah. That's cool. It has like, oh, okay. I'll leave you be. 'cause I I'm kind of weird like that. Sometimes so yeah. That was kind of an opportunity missed, but you know, I imagine traveling around and speaking like that all the time is exhausting. So I didn't wanna push that. So everyone has heard by now is a big switch today's episode. It's I had a Acuna thing. And then I ended up just saying all right? Let's just look at the big ones, really. And if you haven't heard about New York, well, then you're a little bit behind it is absolutely horrible. What New York has done and other states are going to follow along. And I think Vermont's already pushing it in all ready have I mean, they're not that far away from New York. Really? There was also some other bills passing York that we need to pay to do. But I'm not going to that today. So I was asked my view on abortion. I think before I start talking about this. It's important to know that there's that you can be forgiven of your sin. There are people who have had abortions that then you don't understand that Jesus is bigger than your sin, and you can be forgiven. You know, whenever we say this to people who have had abortions who are saved. We you need to recognize that the you have been forgiven that we're trying to help people prevent that mistake that we're trying to we're trying to help them kind of get ahead of it. And you know, Jesus is bigger than ourselves. We need we need to be graceful and patient with people who have had abortions because it is a hard thing. And. And they have to live with that. And they need to understand that they can have reconciliation. They can have peace. They can have redemption through Jesus Christ. So John Calvin this is opposed. Actually that's on Instagram, but John Calvin says the fetus though, enclosed in the womb of its mother is already human being. And is it a monstrous crime to rob it of life, which has not yet begun to enjoy? If it seems more horrible to kill man in his own house than in the field because a man's house is a place of most secure refuge. It ought to be Shirley deemed more atrocious to kill or destroy a fetus in the womb before it has come to light. And that's my sentiment. So with that, really. This information, I might have shared before on the podcast. And so you'll just have the hold on a little bit. If you wanna get the other stuff. But so a fetus contains all that is needed to become a fully functioning adult, you know, there. There's no difference from one who is born other than the point of development at conception that baby has its own DNA blueprint of a human being all forty six chromosomes being at the baby is not merely. An appendage is not just a part of a woman's body. I it's his own its own being everything. President and adult who is murdered is president at the baby. Who was aborted? You know? A baby's heartbeat develops at the twenty fifth day of development and some heartbeats can be seen as early as three weeks. Minnesota babies are administered a pain relief prior to abortion as per the women's right to know act as six weeks, the baby reacts to touch and pain receptors appeared. Now, the earliest reactions the Bank can be detected at seven point five weeks in various studies from eighteen to twenty weeks. There's a significant stress response. To physical insults. The mechanisms that moderate the experience of pain don't begin to develop until the thirty two or thirty second to thirty fourth week. And this means the pain that the own born baby feels is more intense than that of an infant and adult consider that. So of course, murder is defined as the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being of another yet. As abortion is premeditated. The definition of a murder has been twisted to allow for it the unborn victims of violence act places babies in the womb with the same values another human being, and if you look up the unborn victims act on born victims of violence active doesn't four you'll quickly. Learn that many state laws and federal laws are in contradicting with each other. This includes the fact that if you kill a woman who's pregnant there's double homicide involved on my digress. So God's moral off bids murder, exodus twenty thirteen and all human beings are created image of God. Genesis one twenty seven and Genesis nine five six capital punishment was established because of the killing of no human being made in God's image God deem that any man who kills another should be put to death because he destroyed a person created image further more God hates those who shed innocent blood proverbs sixteen through seventeen. But like I said if you had have an abortion, you can be forgiven. There's no sense you large for Jesus Christ. But here is the ultimate thing. What Newark has done has gone. So so far to be honest. You could in theory, you know, move this out further s so long as the umbilical cord is still attached to the baby you could aboard it. If theory, you know what I'm saying, it's a slippery slope. And you know, what everyone has been talking about the lighting up of the. The tower in New York and how it was pink to celebrate. What had just occurred in the fact that people celebrate this as everyone has pointed out so far because I'm a little bit behind because I do things one of the week at the time is absolutely horrible. And you know, what this if this does not prove the depravity of man, I don't know what will you know? And this just goes to show that Manton make laws continuously that are opposed to God's law, and we will be judged for it. This country will be judged for those laws. It will you know. Those empower power are supposed to reflect God's law, and here they are shouting cheering and celebrating the murder of babies. That's what it is. And that man that breaks my heart. Someone has also pointed out the very the very obvious problem that capital punishment in New York is he legal? So you can you can kill a baby the innocent. But you can't kill a criminal how backwards how absolutely backwards is this. You know, that's just grinding my gears, man.

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