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It's not extraterrestrial but it is like Energetic spirits kind of stuff that's one peaks into an peaks. That'd be. I thought it was fucking Bob bob is like a spirit from the black lodge there's a white lodge in the black lodge. I'm too. I remember when dr dr cooper hang around to me doctors when Agent cooper goes into like the all the red curtains. You've ever seen those images where he's like. There's the black and white floor in all the red curtains though Any who that's when he's in the black lodge and that's how bob comes through the veil and was fired basically by bob What to watch. This shit is fucking intense but do it because it's really good Especially now like especially being in like this other realm spiritual place like you understand the spirituality sides of of things like the owls are not what they seem and then like going to the different points and going through the vail. It's really good checking. Everyone's always told me to why show for years super good. Yeah there have been like no fucking rule you'll wash about his never have and this vicious kind of intense but there is like obviously like his like the stress boom has hairs white because hold demeanor change and he's like kind of like an. It's almost like a psychotic break. The rush is real. I don't know any science behind you get stressful in your hair. Turns grey but every chunk of like at a couple year chunks of stress and like all. I'm like oh here's wake super gray. But i'm kind of excited because i'm about to get up like a perry winkle color in my hair. Nice sound like all right. bring it on. Grey's we're thing is a really great but this my dad off when he got facial hair. I looked at a picture. A pop up fucking time time hops time loop or even my phone. They have it on your own. You don't live a stone stone-age you don't have an iphone but like anything but like you know just pop up pictures and it was from like a month before the office open. Totally regular say like stripping the life out of me. Yeah but it's real. I don't know why. But i know it's real. I know what's the thing so much like cair. I need to read it. Because i know it's like i experienced. I don't know. I don't know why this is real. I'd be crow the other day. I saw that i'd held it for a long time. You should get your camera angle at like a forty five degree. I mean it's fine but you can actually see the coolest off. I just want to see if i could. That was more for me to look at it. Oh that's fair. Because i was like i can never my brain when i get into chrome yoga crow. My brain is nope. it's not even like a strength. It is a balanced thing. But but it's a. I can't it's also like a lifting from your core and you're like saratsis interior. I did my brain couldn't process what the do right. So i was like man so i think slowly working on this overtime as well. Let me try to like shit. I got it. Yeah i did some some reason tumbling so she was like let me show you. My cartwheel will let me show you my hands handstand. Obviously it's trash. She's a child and she's just learning those gangsters strategy killing. No shame doing it. But she's wanting to. But i have all the tools and props in my house so i have like a tiny exercise ball that you would do crunches or something. But obviously she's fucking five. She's tiny and so she was. I showed her how to get into like a back bend from that and then i showed her like my yoga wheel. And she's like this is really cool stuff and sarah All day though. I kind of i mean that was only like a two hour blurp of what parents do. Hey aunt sarah hand sarah. She doesn't just call me sarah. Hey an she just hand. Sarah every single time and just like us. They want you to see everything. Joe i yeah it'd be always awesome but again yeah. Yeah so you see that. And she's like such a everything is a baby everything corncob which really we'll be. Yeah i mean bailey has like a microphone. Sh maybe sleeping anything. It gets covered up everything covered up. Everything is like made around like. Oh the baby can here. The baby can do this. And then i have like naked paintings that i've made and she's like. Is there a baby in there. She knows what ladies look like. You know it's not that she wasn't like oh my. Gosh it's booby she was just like. You've painted naked paintings. Yeah yeah have to photo two things. One of them is eight. Oh you painted yeah. That's fun i paint i. Can i can foc- around with some acrylic. Look around to find out. Yeah so my booby. Pictures literally just like a woman's bus from belly button. You don't see hands because hands are hard so risk cut but it shoulders waist. Ted's and then her head is mouth big mouth with teeth and lips. It's nice why did you know you have a reason for it or or just because you wanted to see it. Yeah i was like oh around a bunch of band dudes and they're like tizzano like i want to paint bubis mouth being a face being thought it'd be cool. I can't draw head okay. Deeper meaning for the the and that's everyone gave it. They're like oh. Is this like a thing. Guys only see ladies for like the shit they talk about but then there's like a boobs and i was like i mean i guess if that's what you wanna see man like them. Lips are cool. I can paint that and then. Td's are cool. And i did a good job making nipple shades out of oil paints. But she was just like. Is there a baby inside her belly. 'cause my sister-in-law is pregnant. You know she's just all about these babies. And i was like no. She's like we could draw one and then the other painting is like It is already an artist. I just copied it Because it would be fun to paint. But it's like the back of a woman like laying on a bed kind of like that Sitting on her knees. New dec- ass. I was really proud. Got the jaw line and then in the mirror. Reflection is like the front of the body. But it's an alien had fun. Nice yeah he. He was innocent. Alien alien lady longhair ass and then alien face in bubis house like and was just like why is she naked. And she's like. I was like she just got out of the bath. And she's like okay makes sense. People are naked when they get out of the bath. Well kids aren't weirded out about making. He's fuck yeah. Why would they not weird. He's he's born so be chicken boys. I mean i get it. I would to sometimes like like if he falls asleep beside me or something. Like you'll wake me up or i'll wake. He'll you wait a waiting to wake me up to the day. Yeah if he's in the bed like if you've crawled in and it's like i'm here. Yeah but he'll wake he'll sometimes it'd be like dad. What's up manual gay. Pp's big a thing. Yeah it's gonna keep doing that. Yeah moseley and then it's not. Everyone always like how you feel about that. He's like cool. My yes cool cool. You probably have to be yes probably is asked you. He asked me why sometimes. But i just more how you feel like is cool my and that's kind of conversation about that right now every once in a while he does ask me. Why does it happen. I don't know it was cool. He's like yeah it's cool. Yeah we'll we'll get that. I have your first grader. Dad a people says big. that's fair. yeah isn't learned that term. Yeah but it doesn't matter for tomorrow. Moseley funny every time man. That is funny. Yeah yeah either either. No either like accidentally pete a little bit. Yeah it's a bear once a little shit. I'm still asleep..

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