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Hey everyone we appreciate you joining us in the huddle I'm your host fifteen year NFL quarterback gus ride alongside my longtime friend and Co host. David. Hager. Where we talked guests about how sports shape their life. Be sure to check us out on our website cut off with gusts dot com where you can listen to more episodes just like this. Now let's join the huddle. Hey everyone joined us another episode of Huddle up with Gus I'm your host. Gus for rot. Out Fifteen year NFL quarterback and usually joined by my friend and longtime co Co host Dave Hager. Unfortunately not with us today So I'll be doing this episode alone which I'm kind of excited about this goes. Today's episode goes something that I love And I've done it with my father for a long time We did while he was still alive, but it's collecting. People collect different things, different memorabilia But now we have the guru the king of collecting on maybe can give us a little insight on what's hot today but joining us in the huddle was brandon. Steiner he's an author speaker media personality he has Steiner collectibles. Steiner. Sports Marketing he's he's done at all He started his business from the ground up and I can't wait to really dig into how he started. So Brandon, thank you for joining us on huddle up of GUS. Well. Thank you read to be here. You know I'M A. Technology immigrants. So I always struggling getting ups, but I'm still learning and get better at it. Every day. With Spanish. minute. Company. Collect books change. Amount, with Steiner anymore, it's hard APPs Steiner now that Steiner, it's a long story but collectible exchange was a company had been working on for a long time. Steiner was agreed thing that built but you know. I really feel like people need a place to exchange and sell their stuff. Yes. This gives people an opportunity. I'm sure you've got a lot of stuff in your basement and everybody does and this gives you an exchange people buy and sell on their own on this website on their own terms. And what's grade is that we authenticate, we verify we help people give values to what they have is they don't really know We make sure that the stuff on there is real. So it's a really exciting new project and with the virus going on I thought Oh my God what's going to happen I just started this company six months ago. But as I got home, my wife was like there's the garage the basement get this stuff out of here. So everybody start cleaning up we have over seventy thousand items on our website already in climbing and I realize many cool things as I've created. Incredible, collectors out there some of the coolest stuff and I think that's what people really want more one of ones or they want something directly from August for our they want something directly from American Rivera. So a big part of the site will be able to buy stuff directly from the players we call collect direct she'll be able to go to player websites and be able to buy stuff from the players directly as opposed to go into middlemen and everything else, and that's going to be very, very, very fun for the fans. For the fans and the players because a lot of times players don't really understand how. To Get their. Items out to their fans, right. You know you don't want. I get I get mail at home all the time, and you're like how these people get my How how my home address? But fans they're going to dig. They're gonNA find things and they're going to try to find the best way. To you know if they're fan of yours, they're going to try and get a collectible send you an autograph but I I love the idea of the exchange I, think that's wonderful. It's there for an it's unique and we're finding is that people have some of the most unique stuff? And there's really no place to go with it I. Mean I just think the so much better platform the Ebay frankly which is like, no. Way Crap on and I love Ebay but not for this category. We talked by game used collectibles. It's kind of a very interesting niche and stuff a bit of more interest in that category as far as its authentication verification and history behind it, and I'm hoping to get the stories behind these products because that's half the cool things about. Collecting the story behind it it's about all these things that the person got and how they obtained the why they obtained it that night they went to the first game with dad, you know that kind of stuff. So it's it's been really fun and for me sixty nine starting a new venture. Doing you have collectibles and doing a project, would you you would syracuse on if you ever played there but was selling the dull Own. Roof and we cutting up making all these different gifts will work with indie. The car racing I'm trying to get some different areas. So it's like a breath of fresh air for collectors. There's nothing wrong football baseball, basketball hockey I get that. But you know I'm getting into some stuff that's cricket and Japanese baseball on Russian hockey and just trying to do a lot of different types of products that it'd be more interesting and fun and new for people that they've never been able to get before. Well, you know you talked about finding out like how the story behind it. So we're going to find out a little bit about the story behind you and to tell us a little bit about when you were growing up I. Know that you have some amazing. Stories and but tell us really how you fell in love sports when you were kid. Why meet sports was my best friend you know is used Tuesday at once guy can count on between beside playing in the school yard Brooklyn or watching the Games when they were on not as often as they are. Now you know sports was a great crutch and I grew up in a very small apartment with my three two brothers, three of us. OVERCLOCK KOSHER BUTCHER Money was tight. You know. So I've been working some ten. So sports was a tremendous outlets me not to deal with the cockroach festive -partment the fact that maybe I didn't have the right clothes or food we get on the ball sealed. Even though sneakers matter but you know you get away with wearing what you wear kids want to play the you know what you know. So I think for me. The adversity of growing up with so little as it was a real. Opportunity and it was real boost. 'cause got me Kinda hungry. Literally and figuratively starving all the time then a lot of money for food. So I said I got to do something about this. Since I'm ten and obviously it wasn't a sports industry back then. So you're athletes we're idols. You hope that one day you went to a game you saw athlete through the fence maybe his car that kind of thing. But you know for me I just remember getting my first autograph and how big a deal that was and I was always a saver shaped ticket stubs. Programs used to keep score by the way at every game. That kind of thing. So I knew the impact that athletes can have besides the memorabilia aspect I think that with athletes like it or not they have a big impact on kids you don't have to be Lebron James have a big impact on a bunch of people let alone one person that's amazing and that's something. That everything should be grateful for you know if you can. That's why we here so I. Think Athletes I think are really learning that Moore now and doing more than when I first got into the business I'd say athletes actually a lot more about. The the different stake in a they understand the ability for them to reach out and make the difference and you see a lot more active athletes today versus twenty years ago they understand how to do it and they understand the impact Graham not sure if I was a kid. That that was really a clear path. So for me I remember being that kid outside the fence hoping maybe an athlete was gonna come over give me an autograph even just say low. I wanted to create a company I want to create opportunities for fans, and I remember the little Kimmy or even if that little kid in a forty year old. The impact is immense when you meet your favorite player and you find out about the story behind the story, and that's kind of my drive with collectibles and the meet and greets, and all the things that graded over the years is really just to keep the story going and keep the positive. positive moment I would say moments that matter. it's always a couple of sports moments. No. Yeah definitely. So did you play sports through high school? Try. Never, one of those athletes that got hurt and that's why I didn't become a pro..

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