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It's interesting because of the NBA now. They just run pick and roll until they figure out who they want on you. That's all it is. It's like a high pick and roll leg. Right. You watch basketball now. If you don't like high pick and rolls, you might as well turn it off and go watch something else because you'll see about a thousand of those every game. Now dream was not a guy you try to get on you. That was the guy you tried to get off of you, but I would imagine they'll match up, you know, by position. A lot of times you'll see in games where it gets, you know, depending on if a guy can score or not, they'll put a guard on him because they know you're not going to go to him, but I would think it'll be, you know, step on smart, play on Brown, Wiggins on Tatum. Draymond on Horford and loony on Williams, I would think that's the way they'll go. I mean, you could flip flop 5 and four if you wanted to. You could flip bob draymond, but the other one's got to be, I mean, but again, they're going to be on celebrities at a guard somebody a little bit. But what the words that are really good job of landscape, they kept trying to get switch curry onto Dante's. And what they did is they called a hedge and curry would hedge out and stay until Wiggins got back. So he allowed Wiggins enough time to get back and then he would fire back to his guy or go to the middle of the paint and then rotate out. But they weren't going to let him just go and stuff. So I don't know what to sell this to do. I would imagine it's already going step a little bit because he's not a bad defender at all. He just the weak link on this team. I mean, it's a really good defensive team. So yeah, I would think, but draymond, if you watch draymond, you take a few serious and just watch him. He always is his head on a swivel. He always sees what's going on and he's always able to come over and help. Like if somebody gets beat, he's there. He just knows what's going on. And I find myself sometimes just watching him. I won't even watch the ball. Others watch draymond and kind of watch him and see what he does on the defensive end. It really is kind of fun. I know people are like, you're kind of weird, but yeah, I am, but still it's pretty cool to do and you understand him a lot better as a player. If you do that. Tom enjoy the finals. Look for my call during it, love your insight, as always, appreciate the time. Anytime, rich. Look for it. You got it. Thanks for calling. That's Tom tolbert right here in the rich eisen show driving around grandpa, grandpa Tom. Right here on the rich eisen show. Fascinating conversation. I just love that sort of stuff. And anybody just are there people out there who think draymond green is not Hall of Famer right now. Are there people out there? I hope not. Yeah, for sure. Just because they don't like them. Just don't like them. They're like, how can this guy, you know? Two points. Yeah, two points, ten rebounds, 6 assists. Yeah, because if you're someone who just looks at the paper and reads the box score, then that's what you're feeling. That just shows right there. Right there. You just heard from tolbert right there. Steve Kerr, what's the secret sauce defensively? Draymond green. Draymond, you want to take Horford? Yeah, got him. Draymond, you want to take Tatum? Yeah. Got him. Jamie, what do you want? What do you want to do? Time lord, you want to take him? Yeah, I got him. Got him. Oh, somebody just broke down defensively, who's right there? And then he's ahead of the play. I love that. Yes, smart player. Oh yeah, the intelligence one that guy is just ridiculous. But you know my only problem with draymond green is, right? Where he went before he got to the gym. That's it. That's my only problem with her. Michigan state. And he plays on your favorite NBA team. My warriors. Not a lot of people thought they were, you know, championship quality. This is just great. We have some skin in this. Brock mitigation is going to be right now. It's maybe still a little fun and games, but when the series starts and it's on the line and the Celtics have a chance to win it, and I keep coming in calling my warriors. It's going to get ugly. I know it right now. He really can't say anything because he adopted the bulldogs. No, no. He's got a problem. He's got a problem with you having multiple teams when you have a problem with him having multiple teams. That's his point, even though you don't have a leg to stand on TJ, sorry. I don't care how dare you. Let's take a break. We'll come back. Aaron Donald wants to get paid except he says it's not about money..

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