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Question pepper pepperpot to still super from the extremist thing forget i hope not i don't know i really up started killary yeah that would be really upsetting i think it's out of her i don't know i was not one of my favorite parts of that movie i didn't like the movie at all really so yeah he was well to the mandarin was a british guy fucking netease kingsley it was someone else who's the mander notes random british guy okay it was just a terrible head fake that was times you've felt personally offended by movie i've only so that was the most defended i've been after earth is still the most offended i've ever been about a movie that's what jaden smith and will smith know supposed to be just like not that i thought it was any good but like this will smith jaden smith movie and all the trailers like him and will and he died like two minutes into the movie and it became a jaden smith movie and that was you felt used you you just just felt felt used yeah it was disappointing all right last one infinity war box office total prediction go with mine mine is lofty i think it's going to be titanic avatar i went to my final pick i thought i was like mommy we'll beat avatar it's not i haven't at two billion two hundred five million two hundred and forty nine thousand four hundred and fifty six dollars that's my prediction very specific well i mean we have to hold numbers and trying to win a game here you know you can't go zero he'll somebody.

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