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Back I knew. Poll finds have eighty percent of Americans. Worry that the country is spiraling out of control, but ABC News correspondent agent banker says there's an easy way for you to be agent for change in her new book, your hidden superpower and she's here to tell us about it. Good Morning, girl welcome to the view good morning. WHIPPY! It's good to be with you. Hey, everybody! So. been discussing that there's a lot going on right now. In the streets from the protests to the pandemic and you're on the streets. You're journalists. You've been out there. What are you seeing? This is such a unique time. Because I the pandemic, it put us apart from each other, and so while we were in the midst of a very emotional time we were distanced physically, and that can affect us in ways that we don't even anticipate then with what happened this past week. And with the protests and demonstrations of what we do need to know is that there are a lot of people who are hurting right now and kindness means so much more today because we are in this visceral state. Even last month last year. Yes, you're bring quarantining in your apartment in New York City like so many people in this city. You're participating in the cheer for people on the front lines that happens seven pm every night very heart, warming, and wonderful thing that has happened in the city. Specifically mean to you though. I mean it was one of the most right moments of my time in isolation, because all these neighbors that I'll probably never meet. We're doing me a favor. They were reminding me that there was unification happening that there was hope we were all together there on balconies and fire escapes, and it truly is a golden hour. The fact that we're still cheering every night at seven PM. For frontline workers after all these weeks is truly telling that we can come together even in the most disruptive times. Now, Adrian You just written your first book, your hidden superpower, the kindness that makes you unbeatable at work and connects you with anyone, and you talk about how the world is demanding us to be kind under pressure given the climate in this country and the extraordinary pressure. We are all under. What is your advice to people? Well first of all. I would say that we all need to give each other a lot more mercy you know we've been through the most challenging time for all of us. Personally professionally mean so many journalists like me working from home, and doing all these different things to tell the stories, and yet also go through our own emotional processes of, but that goes for healthcare workers that goes for teachers who have been teaching students online because her parents who've had their kids homework, so we're all going through. Through change every single sector of our lives, and if we would take kindness and make it our personality, our lifestyle, our identity than our knee jerk response to challenge would be kindness. It wouldn't be this obligatory series of politeness or the right things to do or just trying to be nice. It would be really more about who we are, and just expressing that embraced to humanity that we need right now. We only a big hug, even if it's not a physical hug, we all need a big hug. I. Don't disagree with that Adrian, and one of your chapters is entitled Resilience Crazy. World, and it you talk about Greece both on a larger scale with everything that's happening on a personal level. Many people worry that they don't know what to say or do for someone who's grieving. What do you find helps the most? Well. It's interesting because there's two sides to this one is what I tell people to do is to be kind and schedule kindness in their day just like they were brushed their teeth, just like they would get their coffee. Go to the gym because being kind intentionally moving beyond random axe creates this muscle memory where you use your conscience for other people's benefit in doing that, you'll intuitively know what to do in your own life when you reach a crossroads or have a challenge at work or challenging conversation with neighbor or a friend, and when it comes to grief, it can hit us like this freight train, and for so many people around us rather than focusing on ourselves. We say okay what? What can I do to serve other people in serving other people? We get the encouragement we need. We get the fuel and the city that we need to keep going and most people are just looking for something consistent, because there's so much change happening in the world right now when you can offer that consistent kindness when you can do something for them that maybe they haven't had the time to think about like help them get childcare or help them with ordering Uber eats. Post mate so that they don't have to cook. You are taking a burden off of them and I'm telling you it's priceless right now. With everything going on in the world. We need those little things that means so much. So I wanted to ask you. What made you do this? What brought you to the fact that we're? You said I need to write about this because XYZ. What what? What made it happen? Well I've been mentored for many many years. My Mentor Bill Actually said to me Adrian you need to write a book on kindness a couple of years ago and I thought well. There's lots of books on kindness. Why would I need to write a book? People can pick them up at the library or the bookstore. He said No. It's your perspective and in studying myself and studying my journal Journalism Journey I realized that I really didn't want to go to work to have a job. I wanted to go to work with the intention of making someone's. Someone's day better and have a purpose filled career I mean so many times your job can chain. It's completely out of your control right now. The world is changing. It's partly a lot of ways completely out of our control, but what we do have the control in is how we treat people with kindness how we go to work and say you know what I'm not going to treat you like another position or a title I'm going to treat you like someone that I have one in a million chance of meeting and making a difference in. Well, thank you for common to the view. Thank you, thank you your new book, your him superpowers and kind this. Makes you unbeatable. At Work and connects you.

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