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Yeah thank you so much for joining us and a happy new year to jamie butters is you as autos reporter for bloomberg news coming to us from our detroit bureau at this is sort of a big question i'd pimm that i have frankly which is as you get rising raids a lot of the loans that are extended to people for cars are floating rate they're going to be some of the most affected so it'll be interesting to see what happens here did did two two the fact yesterday californians were lining up to fire recreational marijuana legally for the first time as a new law went into effect to what the implications of this law are perhaps chris levy is the best position to tell us he is cochairman and partner of met at men which is based in los angeles and his devoted to i helping with the infrastructure up behind growing up marijuana legally i and he joins us now chris uh first it did i described madman correctly and second of all allow significant are the implications of this new law that goes to affecting california only implications for the new laws are very significant um if you look at 2016 the market size in california for legal marijuana was a little over two billion two billion and we think the market potential with a don't use legalisation uh it's up to seven billion than a threefold increase a chris bed 145 as as much as forty five percent of the cost of legal cannabis our taxes correct.

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