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We have a great one right off the bat. PK Steinberg at PK Steinberg on Twitter. Since you're ranking the top MLB players, how about ranking each of the following based on their actual power and labor negotiations? Rink from the following MLB, MLBPA, Manfred and the fans. Well, I'm going to go individual owners number one because they clearly have gained so much financial landscape in the last negotiation in the end of 2016. They have the ability to step in and say, you know what? We're going to make concessions. We're going to give the player association more of what they want. So the likes of already Moreno and build the wind and how Steinbrenner, those guys would be number one in the power rankings. Number two would be agent Scott Boris. So I think has a lot of influence as to what's going on here. Most of the executive committee for the player association is made up of Scott Boris clients. And he is perceived by a lot of other folks in the union, a Major League Baseball side is having a lot of influence as to what's going on. Number three, I'd say Bruce Meyer, who's the lead negotiator for the Players Association. Number four is Max Scherzer. I think he's got influence among the players. You know, he's viewed generally speaking as the number one player in these talks, although Andrew Miller was a representative of the players in that December 1st meeting that lasted 7 minutes. I think max is an important voice in this. I'd actually put rob mafra behind those four or that for those four groups. Because he's a lawyer for the owners. He's going to do it with the owners, owners want. He's taking marching orders for them, and there's no doubt about it in the power rankings, the fans are last. Andrew Campbell at real camp drew. Hey, buster, since no contact is allowed between teams and players, would any of those guys get in trouble for using an intermediary for instance, can Aaron judge go to Joe schmo and then Joe schmoe talked to Aaron Boone? Yeah, I think you theoretically could get in trouble for using an intermediary. I mean, that would be really hard to prove. Sarah, if I wanted to find out how Taylor shrink was doing and I was forbidden because he's on vacation from reaching out to Taylor and I reached out to you and talked to you and you talked to Taylor, I could get a general update as to what was going on. Who's going to track that? And this world, paper trails are everything. So I mean, I always wonder about screenshots if they're texting it to each other. I think that's the only way it could potentially get traced back to them. But I don't know who would wrap them out for that or who would even dig that deep. Yeah, exactly. Let's say that Aaron Boone was Aaron Boone wanted to find out about a rehabbing Yankee player and he just reached out to a friend of the Anki player and said, hey, tell me what you got. What have you heard? As you say, there wouldn't be any paper trail. That type of conversation. New year, not new Matt. It's my birthday weekend. A weekend, I usually spend planning baseball trips for the next year. But I'm not committing dollars until we know a season start date. How much our owners realistically losing holding out and do they even care? They would lose a lot if they lose the start of the season. And that's just in terms of the immediate game checks, but I also believe that they would do significant damage to their own product. I think if the baseball season doesn't start on time in the middle of the pandemic, that there would be there would be very few people who would feel sorry for them. And feel sorry for either side for that matter. So would you tell new year not new Matt to start booking hotels? No, don't put hotels. I'm really pessimistic. I just don't see as I was talking about with Jeff, I just don't see the person, the mechanism that's going to lead to a deal. That has not even begun to evolve before our eyes. John hollander, at John Tong, they're on Twitter. Am I wrong for thinking that big market owners should align more with the MLBPA rather than small market owners? Boston, New York Yankees, New York mets, LA Dodgers, et cetera, don't care what they spend in just want to win, while Cleveland, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Oakland, et cetera, are just trying to prop it. And John, that absolutely is one of the fault lines. It's always existed in these negotiations in 94 95. The problem wasn't really a disagreement between the players and Major League Baseball, the problem was the disagreement between the big owners and the small owners. The players will always align without a doubt with the big market teams more closely because those are the teams that are going to spend the most money where, on the other hand, you have some of the small market teams who want to have lower payrolls and so often we're seeing the small market teams involved in tanking, which is something that's really important to the player association in this negotiation. Before we leave buster, you mentioned you're in big sky. I know that's where Taylor is. Have you.

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