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Six ten WTVN Alison Wyant a sheriff's deputy was injured after a crash overnight near the intersection of state route one oh. Four and US around thirty three Franklin. County sheriff's deputy you say the cruiser was struck on the driver's side by. Another vehicle a deputy and, a canine were inside the car at the time but both are expected to, be okay the other driver. Today as in custody, and will likely be facing charges Ohio State University sends over one hundred. Former students have now reported being victims of sexual misconduct by a former school Dr over twenty years ago, the university released a. Statement about the students. Reports on Friday is an update into the probe of allegations against Dr. Richard Strauss who was the, doctor of the OSU wrestling team from the mid nineteen seventy s, to the mid nineteen ninety s Strauss committed suicide in two thousand five OSU opened an investigation. In April after former wrestler Allege that he had groped them during unnecessary medical examinations since then Oh issue athletes from fourteen sports have. Now come forward with sexual misconduct claims against Strauss to class action lawsuits have been filed against the school claiming the. Administrators knew about, the claims and did nothing to protect the students Ohio's governor commuted the death, sentence of, a Cincinnati area killer. This week giving her John casick delayed Raymond Tibbets execution in February after a juror sent him a. Letter saying that he, would not have voted for the death penalty in the Tibbets case if he had known about the man's abusive childhood Tibbets was. Convicted of the murders of his wife and landlord in nineteen Ninety-seven he will now. Spend life in prison without the. Possibility of parole and movie star Mark Wahlberg is expanding. His footprint Andy is purchased a car dealership in, the Buckeye state he and his business partner are buying, Bobby layman Chevrolet in Columbus planned to rename, the business Walberg Chevrolet the Walberg family already owned several Ohio restaurants which are part Of the wall burgers..

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