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It's a great song from Willie Wonka and the chocolate factory you know what I enjoyed that movie thoroughly I did too I love that I love that movie you know but it is not at all liberal by the way it's it's it but the point is nobody turned heads to but it's for kids but they live they these people live in a world of pure imagination they think that global warming is going to kill the human race and now as your friend Jason said they want to prolong the cobit government takeover yeah and they want to push it out as far as they can so they can make people angrier and angrier and angrier keep blaming the president rather than China the friend of mine just sent me a picture of a freeway or highway in California we call freeways here on the west coast a column like the column turnpike's toll roads I don't know whatever the in in the east coast anyway a big giant freeway here in there's a sign that somebody has put up it's not just one that they did with spray cans they made a big giant sign you have the over pass will have chain link fence he can't throw things out right yeah yeah we have a habit of fixed to that chain link fence it's a big sign it says covert fix is killing California so all I can tell you is that the people of our country are starting to rise up and they're starting to basically say we're madder than hell we're not gonna take it anymore because for a while we took it and we thought well we don't know and so we're going to be wise err on the side of caution we're gonna be wise and we're gonna go in you you too David you've done that you've been in quarantine now for I don't know it's been three and a half weeks whatever it is and but at a certain point we look around and we go this is the flu in essence it may be a more hard core version of the flu yeah but you know they're starting to come out with you know as we've talked about the Israelis have a hundred percent fixed rate on their patients that are taking certain drugs that they're that they're developing over in Israel and of course we also have the hydrochloric of whatever hydrochloride drug medical or whatever the heck it is yeah we have that that we know works and the lawsuits are beginning in but it's just kind of like going back to swine flu in in nineteen seventy six forty six million people took the shot the vaccination yeah two thirds sued for some kind of neurological damage or even death from the shot that was the fix yes it was the fix worse than the problem so I say it is yeah and not only that but you know as I look around and I I think about what's happening to our country I always look for what what's the theme song right for this particular dilemma you know I found other **** Wonka phone is it will no no it's not it's not **** Wonka but it is a version of the bohemian Rhapsody well let's hear that.

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