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2010 and 40 pass the hour brought to you by pen fed credit union, great rates for everyone. Here's Mark Hamrick. Why passive income has its fans? I'm Mark Hamrick with a bank rate dot com personal finance minute. Income, it's the money that we use to fund our lives, whether through work a business, investments or beyond. And then there's passive income. You've probably heard the term maybe you've had direct experience. Passive income is really regular earnings from sources other than employers or contractors. It's defined by the IRS as coming from one of two sources or both rental property or a business in which one does not actively participate. Examples are book royalties or stock dividends. Passive income is pitched by some salespeople as get rich quick, which is misleading and unfortunate. Those with experience with it still requires some work just at the work and or the investment is done up front. And there can be additional work or effort along the way if it's a rental property it will have to be maintained, promoted, and the rest. I'm Mark Hamrick. Checking agent stocks, Tokyo stocks are still trailing by better than 1%. Meanwhile, Hong Kong stocks ahead better than 2%. It's two 41 and D.C. police are investigating a double homicide near Capitol Hill from late Sunday evening, social media account described a flurry of bullets in the area around 11th and D street southeast north of Pennsylvania avenue, a few blocks east of eastern market metro, first district commander Tasha Bryant says the gunshots were alerted police to respond. Officers actually heard the sounds of gunshots and responded to this area in response to that. And we located our two victims inside of a vehicle. D.C. police say one person

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